1. BBRiffs's Avatar
    I just got a Playbook this week and am enjyoing it. I am new to this and have a
    couple of questions, wondering if anyone can guide me along.
    First question is regarding the Applications and loading them. I know how to use the
    free apps and the ones available from BB.com. I;m wondering how to transfer a few
    apps that I found online. I downloaded a package and opened them, they are called
    .bar files
    I am not familiar with that and am wondering, is there a way to transfer them to
    the Playbook?

    I have a laptop that is running Windows 7 and am using the BBDesktopSoftware 6.1 version that I got from BB.com

    Also, I'm wondering about transfering Word Documents between Playbook and windows 7
    I am able to transfer from Playbook to my laptop but not from my laptop to Playbook,

    Thanks for reading and Thanks for any help !
    01-20-12 02:34 AM
  2. ody360's Avatar
    There's a ton of how to do this available here in forums and on Google, but the quick run-down: Just look for DDPB installer to load those .bar files onto your pb. If it's an android app, you'll need to get a dev OS (just register with rim, takes 1 minute), then update to os 2.0 beta.

    Or you may want to checkout dingleberry to root your playbook and watch hulu as well with. Have fun discovering your new playbook!
    01-20-12 02:49 AM
  3. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    File transfer :
    - First you have to allow file sharing over USB and/or Wifi in the general settings of your PB.
    - Second you have to find your PB WIFI ip address. Go to wifi settings, click on the "waves + question mark" icon @ the bottom left of the screen, pick "Internet connexion" in the "diag.info" select. First parameter = your PB IP address.
    - Third, in W7, juste type the following in windows explorer bar :
    //[your PB address]/ (note the double / at the beginning).
    Here you go, you'll display the shared folders of your PB. (you can even create a permanent network connexion, by turning it to a network folder).

    For the Androids apps sdeload, I suggest you go into the appropriate section of the forum and look at the how-to and questions here : http://forums.crackberry.com/android...eloading-f258/
    But, in brief, you need :
    1. To turn your PB into developer mode (in security settings)
    2. An additional software : DDPB (search the forum for DL link)
    3. An USB connexion between your PB and your PC.

    Hope it helps.
    01-20-12 03:07 AM
  4. BBRiffs's Avatar
    Thanks for answering my post with your directions. I have a couple of questions.
    I don't understand what you mean about:
    "third, in windows 7 just type in wondows explorer bar......"

    can you explain that part a little more ?

    01-20-12 12:49 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    On your PB, swipe down and use the GEAR/Options. Select ABOUT. In the drop down to the right, select Network. You will see ipv4 - there will be numbers


    In Windows Explorer enter that value (ignore the /xx at the end of the numbers). Or you can press the Start button (bottom left) and type run and enter those numbers.

    By the way, this value can change periodically, if it does check the numbers again and use new values.
    01-20-12 01:24 PM