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    Firstly apologies for my ignorance in this matter

    I log into work via a website address and usernamr, password and a code. This launches xenapp. I then select the desktop application and this launches my workspace. This works fine on my Mac and also my ipad which I use citrix receiver. On the ipad when I click on my desktop application on the Web address my work have the citrix receiver launches.

    I now have a PlayBook and would like to be able to do the same.

    However when I click on the desktop application nothing happens or launches. I have installed receiver. For the PlayBook

    What am I doing wrong

    06-12-12 03:20 PM
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    Did you configure the receiver on your playbook like the server address,username etc?
    06-12-12 04:49 PM
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    Don't use the website. Get Citrix Receiver from app store free. Configure it with your usename, domain etc. Works great for me (also uses a XenApp service, RSA passcode etc. )
    06-12-12 05:32 PM
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    You have to launch the Citrix receiver app first. When you create an account, you put in the web address that you use to access your desktop. There should be a check box that says "Web Interface", check that box and save your new account. When you select your account within Citrix Receiver, it will open the webpage (still within the app). Login like you normally would and when you select your desktop application, it should launch your desktop application.

    EDIT: If the Citrix Server you are connecting to uses PNAgent, you can just setup the account in receiver to access everything using the interface of the app. The only problem with this is that this version of the app only uses the Enterprise edition of the gateway. Not every company uses that version so it may or not work, but the web interface should work just like it would on your Mac or iPad.
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    06-12-12 05:54 PM
  5. boldkeyboardholic's Avatar
    Hmm it didnt work, I see the page but can't lunch applications.

    It does not react when I'm hit the links.

    And suggestions?

    06-15-12 05:57 PM
  6. zzbsb's Avatar
    Hmm it didnt work, I see the page but can't lunch applications.

    It does not react when I'm hit the links.

    And suggestions?

    You better check with your IT as every company set up their Citrix environment differently, it'll be really hard for us to figure out what could cause the problem.
    06-15-12 08:20 PM
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    Hmm it didnt work, I see the page but can't lunch applications.

    It does not react when I'm hit the links.

    And suggestions?

    I had a similar problem initially getting any apps to start from the xenex. Initially I could get the desktop app to work, then open MS Word, Excel etc, from my Citrix desktop, but now none of the Citrix apps work.

    For me i think it had something to do with certificates and which browser I last used via. pc access. The problem seemed to start when I went from 32 machine and browser on my PC to a 64bit machine. I haven't had a chance to dig out an old 32 bit machine, log in, and the try the PB app. Again. Not sure if that helps, but thought I would mention it.
    06-16-12 08:48 PM
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    If you can't get the web interface option to show, create a trial account and edit it with your websites info/address... Also, have your IT department send you the certificate so citrix will trust the app... Copy it to the certs folder via usb on your PlayBook and then install via the PlayBook options menu... Took me awhile to get everything right so feel free to ask further if you need help.

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    06-16-12 09:15 PM
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    Tell your IT people to use the URL generator site to make this easier for you:

    Citrix Mobile Receiver Setup URL Generator

    Then, they can simply email you the URL the site generates and you only need to open the email on your Playbook and click on the link. The account details will all get filled in for you in Citrix Receiver, you'll just need to supply your user name and password.
    06-17-12 01:18 AM
  10. boldkeyboardholic's Avatar
    Thanks I will talk with one of the it guys next week
    06-17-12 04:16 AM