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    My spouse and I both cracked our PB screens, and given the price on Black Friday, we decided not to get the screen repaired, which was going to cost us 80$ a pop, and bought brand new 32 gig playbooks instead of. This way, we gave away the broken but still functionning ones to the kids, since they like watching movies on them.

    So far, I have noted two differences. One, the signal led is less stronger on the newer playbooks. The old one was waking me up at night while the new one is much dimmer while of the same color off course.

    The second difference is that the PB seem somehow more sluggish, slower to respond, even with less apps downloaded on the newer ones. It seems as though the new ones take a lot more time to show text I just typed in browser window for instance. Will make a side by side comparisons, and will also get exact manufacturing dates to investigate further and will post all findings here. I would be curious to compare all of these to newer 4G playbook, as it is indeed a better machine compared to WIFI only Playbooks.

    12-17-12 08:49 AM
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    Do you by any chance know what the OS versions are on the new and old PB's? I know a couple updates ago my 64GB PB that I bought on launch day started having some of the browser issues you're talking about. Also, what size was the old PB? I know you mentioned the new ones were 32GB's and if the old ones were 16GB's that extra storage space could result in some lag in searching for info.

    If its just the browser that seems slower to respond, I think it may be an OS issue and I find that it usually speeds up after the initial booting of the browser.
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    12-17-12 09:36 AM

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