1. drew8484's Avatar
    About an hour ago my notification sound changed on my Playbook. I am running OS and have been since it was released. I have installed nothing new for quite a while. I wasn't even aware you could change notification sounds. The new sound is similar to the sound made when using an old dial up internet connection. It's pretty annoying. Any ideas?
    01-07-13 12:57 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    The only notification sounds that I know can be customized are the notifications associated with some android apps. What was the notification for?
    01-07-13 01:25 PM
  3. Ben1232's Avatar
    It isn't the low battery beep is it ?
    01-07-13 01:46 PM
  4. donmateo's Avatar
    If you just had your texts synced for the first time and got one that could be it.
    01-07-13 02:17 PM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    Sometimes mine has made more of a "blatt" sound rather than its normal sound. I just think it might be in some odd state causing the sound to be distorted.
    01-07-13 03:04 PM
  6. drew8484's Avatar
    Negative on all the above. Notifications are for emails and calendar reminders.
    01-07-13 03:05 PM
  7. drew8484's Avatar
    I have also rebooted and that made no difference.
    **Update... I did about 3 hard resets and sounds are back to normal.
    Last edited by drew8484; 01-07-13 at 04:08 PM.
    01-07-13 03:07 PM

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