1. yasirrfc's Avatar
    Ok so i got my playbook a month back and so far its been good. I have some problems. Firstly, browser crashes sometimes like when i open 5 6tabs, it wont respond n i have to close it. I can open it n reload the pages its fine even though finding the pages open from history is difficult. But the problem is sometimes the browser icon is disabled like when u close an app, the icon is disabled in light color for a few secs before u can open so my browser sometimes after crashing is dissbled n i cant open it if i dont restart the playbook. Another problem is tbat sometimes app dont open when other apps are open like when im downloading a torrent using atorrent, sometimes it takes up all the ram and videos or music doesnt open. Thirdly, sometimes sound goes off and theres no sound from headphones nor from tablet n i. Have to manually restart the playbook to get it back. These problems happen only 1 in 6 times but really frurstrating. Ive mentioned anotherr problem before in the forum that my facebook chat disxonnects in the browser n i cant use it. People said to use ths fb app but i want the browser to work with chat. will really appreciate if some of u can help.. Oh n i have reset the playbook as well to start fresh but these problems are still here
    12-16-12 05:16 AM
  2. atlac's Avatar
    Try with new update whichever available in ur country. If still problem exists update playbook from destop software, this may fix the issues. If still problems persist, i think you have to contact customer service.
    12-16-12 05:44 AM
  3. robtanz's Avatar
    I think the first two are RAM issues. It happens to me when I bavehave many apps open at once. Have neverhad the soundissue though.
    12-16-12 06:27 AM
  4. yasirrfc's Avatar
    i have the latest update 1088 and ive fixed it already with my pc with a fresh update..
    12-16-12 09:19 AM
  5. der_mit's Avatar
    I believe the greying out of the browser icon is because the browser cache is being cleared at that moment. Theres a setting in the options that you can try changing , its remember open tabs in the general browser section, and check the privacy and security tab, l generaly have them all on. Good luck.
    12-16-12 09:33 AM
  6. FF22's Avatar
    The Torrent app may take a lot of memory - is it sideloaded? It would be busy, downloading and writing a lot of data to the pb.

    The Browser can definitely be flaky and the more tabs you open, the more likely it may crash and it may also depend on what sites you are visiting and whether they have Flash or javascript running.

    If the sound goes off but a reboot restores it, it also may be related to what apps you have run as that sounds more like software than any hardware faults.
    12-16-12 10:09 AM
  7. looksee's Avatar
    I routinely have 8-10 browser windows open at any given time with no problems. The only time I experience any performance problems is having too many applications open. For example, videos won't play until I close enough open apps. If you still experience problems, you may have to do another reload of the OS. Why it sometimes takes more than one reload, I don't know.
    12-16-12 10:36 PM

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