01-29-12 11:14 AM
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  1. papped's Avatar
    As long as the software is there and is up to par a slight hardware update doesn't mean much to me.
    There's the other problem... even if it's a major hardware upgrade...
    01-27-12 07:07 PM
  2. JubJubJub's Avatar
    I paid $200 for my pb. Unfortunately, in a year from now I doubt it could fetch more than $100. Their firesale has screwed over anybody who paid full price and wants to sell.
    01-27-12 07:18 PM
  3. RUFFSTUFF1's Avatar
    When I was a kid if you got a 50% increase in processor speed you would say "holy sh*t!"

    Not sure why so many people are not saying this is a significant bump.

    Because unless there's an app that needs the extra headroom, it's unused.
    01-27-12 07:22 PM
  4. kennyliu's Avatar
    In fact, they can't clock it higher.

    The BB PB is currently running on an OMAP 4430, where currently the highest clock possible could be 1 Ghz, and the PB is already running at 1 Ghz.

    This is leaving 2 options open :

    The OMAP 4460, which is basicly just the same SoC but with a little extra bite to it, Max Frequency = 1.5 Ghz.

    OR the brand new OMAP 5432, which can run up to 2 Ghz, however the referenced speed is 1 Ghz, so devs have to decide on which frequency it's going to run, which in fact.. Can be 1.5 like the sheet tells us.

    If it is the brand new one, it's gonna be awesome. It is said that it can handle up to 5 times better graphics compared to the 4430 and 4460, and up to 50% more instructions per clocktick.

    And quite interesting fact : The 5432 SoC is going to include 2 Cortex M4 cores, which is said to handle ''real time network traffic''. And I might have red something about 3G connectivity... how strange...
    It's not the new one. The PB 3G will have OMAP 4460 (per the leaked slides). Same Cortex-A9, same architecture.
    01-27-12 08:27 PM
  5. kennyliu's Avatar
    Wait what did I miss? Is there newer PB hardware coming out? $hit I already ordered my 3rd PB just yesterday... Time to cancel order or this is just total B$?
    If you have a BB phone and don't care about separate 3G connectivity (which will cost you), then I wouldn't suggest you cancel your order. Besides 3G, there is NFC, higher clocked SoC (I wouldn't expect much performance boost) and possibly much lower battery life.
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    01-27-12 08:30 PM
  6. thymaster's Avatar
    I think 3G+ is a hugh feature missing for corporate and government guys who requires it on the road. I didn't quit buy into the police car installation demo because it's not truly mobile if police doesn't have a more mobile connection. Bridging has it's downside as well.
    01-28-12 12:49 AM
  7. Teeceman's Avatar
    @OP Nothing's changed to our "old", just enjoy your existing playbook.
    When I brought mine I knew there might be bigger and better in the future, and that's as it should be.

    My playbook will just travel with me until I'm ready to upgrade, and it might even be Playbook version 3 then.
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    01-28-12 02:31 AM
  8. FSeverino's Avatar
    The PB is not like an apple product when talking about resale value. Remember these have discounted by over $200-400 for a good portion of the last couple months. Resale was already really bad for them before these sales
    I understand, but im considering that most people bought the PB DURING the sale. So if I paid $299 for my 32gb PB and the new OS and positive media gets out about this then I dont really see a reason that someone wouldnt want to buy it for $200 (I keep very good care of it). For me that is a decent resale value because it will be like saying I paid the PB $100, but I got to use it (A LOT) for a year, or more.

    I know that a friend of mine just sold a 64GB that she had since launch... she paid original price but sold it for $250 because it was in great shape. Obviously she had to go down to $250 bc of the recent sales, but that only proves my point that if she would have bought it now and sold it in a year for that same price she would only be out $50.

    Again, anything can happen in the future... but the truth is that we dont really know the resale value of the PB because it hasnt gone through cycles like iphones and ipads. But if things start looking up then you have to remember that you will be selling a great product and should be looking at a fair price for it.
    01-28-12 03:16 AM
  9. papped's Avatar
    A year from now you would likely take a much larger loss than $50....
    01-28-12 03:43 AM
  10. RUFFSTUFF1's Avatar
    How often do you or would you travel with your Playbook but not your BB?

    Me? Never.
    01-28-12 06:30 AM
  11. cdelcampo216's Avatar
    LOL! You beat me to it...
    01-28-12 07:08 AM
  12. auditman's Avatar
    I paid $200 for my pb. Unfortunately, in a year from now I doubt it could fetch more than $100. Their firesale has screwed over anybody who paid full price and wants to sell.

    if you paid full price and got a good use out of your pb how can one get screwed? did you actually buy your pb and hoping right away to get a good resell value? i dont get that?
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    01-28-12 11:45 AM
  13. RUFFSTUFF1's Avatar
    Anyone who buys an electronic device and their main concern is resale value, is a fool. Electronics are not an investment.
    01-28-12 11:57 AM
  14. dave1701's Avatar
    Anyone who buys an electronic device and their main concern is resale value, is a fool. Electronics are not an investment.
    My thoughts exactly.
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    01-28-12 12:04 PM
  15. FSeverino's Avatar
    Anyone who buys an electronic device and their main concern is resale value, is a fool. Electronics are not an investment.
    that is exactly what ive been saying. People are saying 'if i sell it for $200 then i lose $100'. How about looking at it like this:

    Purchase Price:

    Hours of Use:
    (lets just give 2 per day over a year as an example) 730

    Resell Price:

    Total Price of Device:

    Total Price of Device per Hour Used:
    (about) $0.14

    and there are complaints about this... you SHOULD NOT buy a device in order to get money back in years to come, it is not a stock option that you are investing in. You SHOULD buy a device to USE THE OUT OF IT BECAUSE IT ROCKS.

    ...thats why I bought the PB
    01-28-12 12:11 PM
  16. BuzzStarField's Avatar
    Your current Playbook won't be worth anything. I suggest you go buy a new one as soon as they are available. I am starting a museum of old Playbooks. Would you like to donate yours?
    It's also a sure bet that all the software that you have installed on your current PB will cease to function as soon as the new device is launched. All the more reason to donate your PB to BoloMKXXVIII's museum.
    01-28-12 12:15 PM
  17. ccdawg's Avatar
    as long as it is gsm and unlocked i could make use it when i am overseas to free up my phone for other uses. i would just wipe this playbook and give it to my kids as i have to share now.
    01-28-12 12:33 PM
  18. FXCLM5's Avatar
    guys it will be faster, quit hating on newer and better tech, and if you really think the added features that RIM is putting out on a 2nd generation version of the same tablet that came out last year - with no improvements your a fool, why would a company shoot itself in the foot?

    everybody who is crying about lower batter life due to lower battery capacity, faster processor, 3g blah blah blah, where is your real life data to back this up?!?!?!? You dont have any hard evidence, and everybody crying about only .5 mhz increase, well its a dual core aint it? Did you realize it may just take the OS less power to start up, save, delete, move files, open, close programs that much faster, which also conserves battery life? Maybe RIM changed the RAM chipset, to run even faster speeds with less power consumption, maybe this new playbook will run a special optimized OS when its switched to 3g mode.

    All of these features are all unknown and to already start saying the newer model has no significant benefit over the old one, when you haven't compared it, its like telling vehicle manufactures that it is not possible to increase weight, increase engine displacement, increase horsepower, all at the same time as increasing MPG.
    01-28-12 12:54 PM
  19. louzer's Avatar
    Once again, it all comes down to defining your requirements and purchasing accordingly. If you bought your Playbook at launch and have been waiting all of this time for 2.0, then can be concerned. If you bought your Playbook because of its usefullness to you with the current OS and have been using it consistently, then you've made a good purchase.

    Personally, I'm happy with my 2 (soon to be 3 Playbooks) because I understand what it does and what it doesn't do. If the new Playbook is anything more than a rumor, I'm even happier. It appeared to me that when the first promotional price drops started hitting in late September, that RIM was bailing out on the Playbook. But with the timing of the rumored new Playbook emerging shortly after the rollout of 2.0, it makes me happy as both a user and a developer.

    RIM can learn about the mistakes of the initial launch and use the new OS and the 'new' Playbooks as an opportunity to start over without ditching the people who believed in it since launch. If there is a 3G Playbook coming soon, RIM needs to differentiate it from the existing Playbook in order to justify a higher price point than the current firesale prices.

    By keeping the same form factor and simply swapping out processors, adding a 3G radio and NFC, and making whatever simple adjustments were necessary with the battery to make everything fit, I'm sure they have not drastically increased the production cost. This should allow them to introduce the new Playbook at a price somewhere between the firesale prices and the iPad's price (it really needs to be somwhat less expensive than the iPad for now).

    With a 'new' device, a new OS, and propper marketing, people will be likely to buy the new devices simply because they are new. Everything will still work on the 'older' devices (at least until developers hook into NFC or the 3G radio) so there should be a drastic increase in the number of Playbooks in the wild.

    From a developer standpoint, unless you're coding specifically to NFC or 3G, you'll be looking at a larger user base that makes OS 2.0 a more desirable platform to invest time and effort into.

    From a profit standpoint, even if RIM introduces the rumored new devices at pricepoints lower than the original, they still stand to make money. I'm expecting the bluetooth keyboard/case combo to emerge at the same time as the new device (again, if there's anything to the rumors). I expect that there are other accessories that they have either waiting in the wings or in development that will be desirable additions to anyone's new Playbook. What they lose in profits based on a lower priced but beefed up device, they can certainly make up in accessory sales. After all, like with computers and laptops at the retail level, the devices themselves are generally low margin. The money is made on the high margin accessories.

    Finally, by including a 3G radio, RIM should have the carriers on board to help promote as well as absorb some of the cost of the devices.

    So the answer to the OP's question of "The New Playbook, So What Happens To Our Old Because I Don't See Much Of A Difference?" is... absolutely nothing... as long as you purchased it for the right reasons. If you didn't identify requirements and your Playbook has been sitting in a drawer for the past few months waiting for Godot, then the answer is the same as if no new device was introduced.
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    01-28-12 12:55 PM
  20. auditman's Avatar
    the only thing missing in our current playbook is the release version of os2. once it's here it will be like a new PB.
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    01-28-12 01:00 PM
  21. ADozenEggs@aol.com's Avatar
    Anyone who buys an electronic device and their main concern is resale value, is a fool.
    No need to insult anyone. Matter of perspective.

    Similar to those who lease cars as opposed to buying them.

    Or women who buy expensive shoes, then sell them on eBay so that they can run out and buy more shoes.

    There's a secondary market for almost ANYTHING. Especially tech.

    Not my thing personally, but I don't make the rules.

    Not everyone wants to be married to objects until they're not useful anymore, and if you can recoup some of your original expenditures, and use these funds towards a new purchase, then have it.

    Actually kinda smart to me. Keep your already spent money working for you.
    01-28-12 02:57 PM
  22. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Anyone who buys an electronic device and their main concern is resale value, is a fool. Electronics are not an investment.
    Main concern? Nah. A concern? Oh yes... for me.

    I don't pretend... every electronic purchase IS an investment for me. I have limited funds, and I have to be effective in what I do in the long run. So, while resale value does not completely control my purchasing decisions, it is a factor, particularly with high end stuff.

    I purchased my EVO knowing that it does everything I need it to and is reasonably future-proof. Knowing that I can sell it now AND make a profit that goes into a new phone is a huge advantage. For me, at least.

    I buy cases and screen protectors to protect that investment. It's that simple. Foolish to you, sensible to me.
    01-28-12 03:04 PM
  23. blue-b's Avatar
    The way I view things is nothing happens I enjoy os 2.0, 2.1, ect... Until it no longer gets updates or slows down to the point that I want to sell it or give it away. Then I restart the cycle. I'm there with my iphone 3gs with ios5, just waiting for bb10 release to see what those phones are like. Expect it may be some time for my pb, but new release won't effect me personally.
    01-28-12 03:13 PM
  24. rustmonkey's Avatar
    It will be interesting to see what changes they've made to the motherboard... Maybe I'll be able to add nfc to my existing PlayBook if the mainboard doesn't change

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9930 using Tapatalk
    01-28-12 03:18 PM
  25. teddyandbert's Avatar
    Considering the current processor speed seems plenty responsive on the current generation of BlackBerry PlayBook I would expect the typical user will not really perceive any speed increase if a 1.5GHz processor is used for the 3G/4G/LTE edition of this tablet.

    My only hardware complaint about the BlackBerry PlayBook is the miserly 1GB RAM when 4-8GB RAM would be perfect of this multi-core, multi-tasking tablet. Every time I minimize a video playback the crystal clarity even in such a small window is amazing as is the full-screen video playback of course. Streaming lectures and professional development training is a fantastic experience on this tablet in its current hardware and software state. Hopefully, BBPBTOS 2.0 builds upon this heritage.

    Let's not forget that BB uses a dumbed down Linux distro - I love playing with alternative OS's to MS and (as an example) I have a complete Linux OS running on a microSD Card at under 90MB on one of my PC's.. (Check out Puppy Linux)

    There is even a tiny 10MB OS if you really want to compare: DistroWatch.com: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    So even at 1GHz of RAM in the current PB's there is usually at least 600MB of overhead available for progs.

    I don't want to JB my Playbook just yet, because I truly believe BB have some revelations to gift us loyalist(s)

    Play around with an old laptop and Linux sometime, you might be pleasantly surprised what you can do!

    My 10c over....
    01-28-12 08:35 PM
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