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    Hey guys, just wondering about new 16 G and 32 G playbooks and the amount of memory that is available for a new tablet. Does the os take up a lot of memory? Just wondering if its imperative that I go for a 32 g as opposed to a 16 G.

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    02-26-12 02:35 PM
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    I don't think the difference between OS 1.x and 2.0 is more than half a gig. My storage space decreased by only about 0.3 Gb..
    02-26-12 02:38 PM
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    On the 16GB after real capacity and OS you're looking at about 11-12GB usable for apps + media. Based on my experience with a 16GB I strongly recommend the 32GB. Many of the games are 400-700MB so the space for apps adds up very quickly.
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    02-26-12 02:39 PM
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    So brand new device would have 15.5 gigs of space then?
    02-26-12 02:40 PM
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    So brand new device would have 15.5 gigs of space then?
    No. Less than that. Should be about 12-13 gb. OS takes up some space, then there is the issue of real vs quoted capacity (1024 kb = 1mb, 1024 mb = 1gb, etc), and there may be some reservation for the system.

    I have a 64Gb and can't tell you exactly how much space is available on a new 16gb, but it's definitely less than 15.5.
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    02-26-12 02:43 PM
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    The OS takes up almost 4 gb. You have to understand that the playbook hd partition is such that there are 2 partitions, hd1 and hd2 that hold the OS. If one dies, the other one will boot as a failsafe, and replace the data on the failed hd. Therefore, you are using up twice the capacity of an OS system. On top of that, QNX was written as a comp system, so it is going to take more than bbos, or ios, i'd say about 2 gb each. That adds up to 4 gb approx. So i would say around 12 gb space. I would recommend going 32gb especially at the price it is now. That is what I have.
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    02-26-12 03:06 PM
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    My 16gb started out with 14.7 gb on 1.0.8.. Os2 is a little bigger.. So let's say 14gb.
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    02-26-12 06:05 PM