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    Hi folks I am a long time Blackberry supporter and just purchased a new 32g Playbook (at half price which makes it even better) I am truly impressed with this device it is lightening fast and the browser is exceptional, plus it is portable enough to go everywhere with me I am waiting patiently for the OS2 update. As an avid ebook reader the device is doubly useful.

    I am excited to see what the future holds for this fabulous device.
    12-31-11 01:45 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.

    Clink on the link below for more Newbie Tips and Tricks for the Playbook. It is a work in progress by the knowlegded posters from this forum.

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    12-31-11 01:49 PM
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    Thanks Jafobabe, Theres a wealth of information in that thread.
    12-31-11 02:32 PM
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    Welcome to the world of Playbook. The more you use it the more uses you will have for it. Jafobaby directed you to a great resource of information. Most of the questions you will have will have already been answered somewhere in the threads before. I would suggest using the search button on the top right for those answers. If you do need help and can't find the answer do not hesitate to ask. Again welcome and enjoy your Playbook.
    12-31-11 03:24 PM