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    Hi all,
    I originally had a 16GB Playbook when they 1st came out...It was having trouble charging and as I had an extended warranty Currys replaced it with a brand new 64GB one (as that is the only one they stock now) .
    I am really pleased they did. My problem is a few months after I bought the 16GB one I bought a 64GB also as the price was really low. I still use the 64GB one all the time... I was wondering if the new unopened one is better to be charged now and again ... Or jusy leave it sealed until I need to use it? Will it last for years and work straighyt from the box or do you have to open and charge within a few months of getting it?
    Any help appreciated!
    Thanks in advance

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    03-27-13 09:03 PM
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    The BatteryGuru developer is probably the best guy to answer this.

    I had one PlayBook that I didn't use for a while and I just made sure I charged it after a couple of months. It has been suggested that you shouldn't charge it completely prior to storage, but somewhere in the 70% range. When you are done charging it, press and hold the power button for about twenty seconds or until the Playbook shuts off to ensure it is shut off completely.

    The one mistake I made with my spare PlayBook was when I went to use it for a long trip in the car with the kids, I found out the headphone jack did not work. I should have tested it when I first got it and then put it away until I needed it. As a result of it being a few months old when I discovered the problem, I had to do a repair through BlackBerry, rather than an express exchange through BlackBerry, or just returning it to the store.
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    03-27-13 09:15 PM
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    Well, as Robsteve has noted, it is nice to find out if there are any issues BUT....

    I am not a battery expert so I would check out info on them. I think I recall that they do have a life and it may be dictated by initial use and therefore determine shelf life. Although that sounds odd since you'd have to suspect that rim (and anyone using such batteries would test them so that they have some initial use).
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    03-27-13 09:20 PM
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    Yes, every so often you need to charge the unused playbook. Beside when the battery run out it will chime repeatedly. It's a warning for you to charged it up. I was fortunate that I happen to hear it. Otherwise you might have issues charging up a completely drained playbook. Like the above said, once charged make sure you turn off your device not on standby. Should be good for a few months.
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    03-27-13 09:24 PM
  5. loreburne's Avatar
    Thanks for all your replies.... I will give it a charge at the weekend and make sure everything is working ok!
    03-28-13 07:25 PM

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