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    I picked up two 16GB Playbooks on Black Friday. I was INCREDIBLY frustrated with my order being cancelled by shopblackberry.com due to being "high risk" and taking almost two weeks to get it restored. One of them was a present for my daughter for Christmas, so it sucked that I didn't get them until after Christmas due to the ordering chaos that the $199 sale brought.

    That experience might have turned me off to Blackberry, but then I started using the PlayBook and fell in love. My daughter and I can't put our PBs down. I got my wife a Kindle Fire for Christmas so I've had a chance to play with both, and there's just no comparison. The Fire is a clearly a high-end book/media viewer, but the PB is a solid, high-quality tablet. I can't believe I got them for the same price.

    Anyway, like everyone else, I'm very excited for the impending arrival of OS 2.0. I had to order the 64GB before the $299 sale ended because I'm going to be using this machine for a long time and want to have more room for all those new Android apps, documents, movies, and music.
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    02-11-12 07:34 PM
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    You're gonna' love the way you look when you carry your PlayBook. Congrats!
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    02-11-12 07:38 PM