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    Hey guys,

    So I was reading about the new kindle fire HD and stumbled across a very familiar looking picture. Now don't get me wrong, the playbook and kindle have always looked quite similar, but with the new front facing camera, the led looking thing just to the left of that, and the large bezel/rubber seal they almost look exactly alike, beside the curves around the sides.

    I'm not bashing on Amazon at all, I'm simply pointing out my first thoughts of the new device.

    Take a look:
    09-06-12 10:23 PM
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    09-06-12 11:47 PM
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    Hmm, does it mean that we will be expecting another someone sued someone precisely because that someone wasn't innovating...
    09-07-12 12:02 AM
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    Sure a lot of wasted bezel space for a tablet that doesn't use it, makes for an inflated or false overall dimension. So much for sales pitches and over pricing.
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    09-07-12 01:27 AM
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    wasn't somebody in the forums saying that the pb and kindle designs are actually not theirs but another companies... so noone can sue anybody as its neither rims nor amazons design??
    09-07-12 06:45 AM
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    and I agree that is so much wasted bezel space, they should have just increased the screen size....
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    09-07-12 06:49 AM
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    Hmm, does it mean that we will be expecting another someone sued someone precisely because that someone wasn't innovating...
    I'd like to think RIM aren't as petty as Apple so wouldn't do that. Plus apparently it's not their design (just going by the post in this thread that says that, I have never heard it before). And the original Fire looked almost identical minus the cameras, and there was never any suing over it.
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    09-07-12 06:54 AM
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    Now, I'm going by memory here, and my memory is not very good at times. My memory recalls that RIM had pitched the PlayBook design to Amazon (way back prior to the iPAD 1 craze). However, Amazon only wanted an eReader that could play movies and music; no email, browser, or other features that are useless and over bloat an eReader. Plus they wanted it cheap.

    RIM would not back down on quality, functionality, and security, so Amazon said NO. It was shortly after that that Amaon was lured into the 'its free' Android crowd. Of course when they decided to create the Kindle what design did they go with...the 7" PlayBook, cause that is the one they saw.

    This new HD version looks, and acts, almost like a 10" PlayBook. Yeah, I know, it's not 10" and RIM has not released the 10" PlayBook, but the new PlayBook platform is a dual core 1.5 (hhmmm, same as the Kindle HD); the Kindle has more rounded corners, and oddly enough the size is odd: larger than a 7", but smaller than a 10" (trying to prevent a "yours looks like ours" lawsuit). Yet the front camera and status led are position almost exactly as the PlayBook. The bezel, wated space? Yes, but if they are using bezel gestures, then again, same as PlayBook.

    If both were designed by Quanta Comptuers (they worked with RIM on the PlayBook design) then RIM may not be able to sue. However, I would think RIM would have put an NDA in place along with a copyright clause to prevent Quanta from creating another tablet that looked like the PlayBook for at least 3-5 years.

    If the Kindle is not designed by Quanta, then both RIM and Quanta may be able to sue. Plus, did Quanta only design the 'packaging'? I beleive RIM has always had master control over the actual engineering of the core system, regardless of who slaps it together.
    09-08-12 10:34 AM
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    Quanta designed the PlayBook and RIM allowed them to keep the design to themselves. When Amazon went looking at developing a tablet, their in-house designers were not interested in designing a tablet and were looking to develop improved versions of the Kindle e-reader. Amazon went to Quanta and Quanta offered a device based on a lot of the same elements as the PlayBook, but due to Amazon needing to get it to market for the holiday shopping season, it is lacking in some areas due to having to cut corners.

    The new Kindle Fire maintains the same design but also addresses the shortcomings of the first gen device.
    09-08-12 03:22 PM
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    I really don't care about what it looks like because it's just another 'roid box. As I see it if anyone takes Android and tries to make it more user friendly Apple will get scared that something might be better and sue them. Regardless that they're all UNIX knock offs.

    The 'roid OS needs all the extra bells n whistles anyone can bolt on to it to keep people buying it and if Amazon can do that without getting sued then more power to them no matter what the box looks like.

    Either way it's not a PlayBook and unless RIM is financially forced into some compromise there will only be one tablet that does what a PlayBook does and that is mesh with the BES infrastructure with secure partitioning between user and corporation and bridge to a personal and/or corporate phone with that security intact and run apps from two OS's.

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    09-08-12 11:51 PM