10-30-12 05:27 AM
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  1. Uncle Remus's Avatar
    Welcome aboard! I'm an early adoptor of the PB. Bought mine the first day they hit the streets here. Have used it every day since and LOVE it! Bridge is GENIUS!! My phone is now a secondary device and hardly ever leaves the holster!

    Also looking forward to BB10.....
    10-27-12 08:57 AM
  2. cdeviney's Avatar
    The only downside that I can see is that there aren't nearly so many apps as for Android or Windows. This reminds me of BeOS very much, a great OS with not a huge number of apps. However, the apps that I've tried work very well, and I love how the OS can easily handle multiple apps running simultaneously.
    You can sideload some android apps:

    Blackberry Playbook Android Apps | Good e-Reader Android APP Store - Playbook App Market

    See 'playbook apps'
    10-27-12 09:36 AM
  3. Sriman's Avatar
    Welcome to the PlayBook world... PlayBook is something that you will not love at first sight... But as you get used to it, you will start loving it more and more...
    10-27-12 11:48 AM
  4. jsdhornby's Avatar
    Welcome to the Playbook. A couple of suggestions: Give yourself time to learn all the stuff it can do. It's versatility is a marvel but it does make it complex. Also, don't let the angry ravers on the forums affect your love of the machine. They make the Playbook sound useless, which it isn't, it's amazing. I do recommend, and would with any computer, that you keep most of your email, contacts, and calendars on the cloud somewhere, and do copy and paste backups of every important file that's on your tablet, onto your computer or hard drive or Dropbox. Video chat speed is wonderful on the Playbook. Oh and sometimes I turn off Java to get instantaneous page loading speed, but it's great to have for some sites. Enjoy.
    10-28-12 12:12 PM
  5. EdY's Avatar
    I agree, Playbook does so many things! I bought my first Playbook back in November 2011 fire sale.... Now I have 3 more (for the entire family), and still haven't even spent as much as for 1 iPad!

    We all do everything we ever wanted and there are tons of apps for the important stuff. It is easy to connect, bridge, access files, hook up HDMI, remote control it, and so on. There are amazing 3D games! Many of them free! So easy to carry around!

    I loved it so much, I took my web skills and became a Webworks developer for Playbook and have released a few apps (Smoking Calculator, Talking Alarm Text Clock, Raspberry Pi newsreader). Now I am porting them over to BB10 too!

    I thank RIM for making it so easy for anyone to pick up a Playbook, because it is cheap, and also to develop for it, because the tools are pretty much FREE, and the dev community is awesome!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9810 using Crackberry Tapatalk Forum app
    10-28-12 01:58 PM
  6. ursacava's Avatar
    Part of the reason I went with a Playbook instead of one of the Android tablets was that I perceived the Blackberry OS as superior in concept and execution. While there are fewer apps available, there are still enough to do what I want. I LOVE the way the Playbook can multi-task, playing music, browsing, and reading emails at the same time. In the store, it was very clear that the employees didn't know how to use the device, and that it frustrated them when it didn't work using the same gestures as an iPad or an Android. Eventually, I was showing them how it worked. To me, the Playbook hardware also felt better, i.e. better build quality. One week after purchase I don't regret my decision in the least.
    10-29-12 08:04 PM
  7. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    To all new PB users, welcome to the club...

    (l missed that "the best tablet ever" feeling)
    10-29-12 11:18 PM
  8. Tha.Housewife's Avatar
    To all new PB users, welcome to the club...

    (l missed that "the best tablet ever" feeling)
    mine...I'm addicted,, we should start a support group. playbook users anonymous.. aka PUA. lo
    10-30-12 05:27 AM
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