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    I'm on the 3 network here in the UK on their pay as you go sim with unlimited web (I top up 15 per month) and was playing around on the PlayBook settings and came across the 'tethering tab, I've been using my phones Internet to hook up my Playbook for the past 2 weeks now. I called 3 to make sure they were OK and asked if I would need to pay any additional charges and they assured. Me there was none!
    I know I could have used blackberry bridge but I'm finding I'm getting way faster speeds hooking up my device as mentioned.. I just wanted to mention this as there might brother 3 UK users reading this... PlayBook and the experience keeps getting better and better!!!!
    03-12-12 08:33 AM
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    Please excuse the spelling errors
    03-12-12 08:35 AM
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    I have today bought a Motorola Defy Mini from Tesco 70 and tethered it to my BlackBerry Playbook.I have the same pay as you go tariff as you -with 3 network 15 per month all you can eat data.I was using o2 mobile broadband dongle{ 15 for 2gb of data }connected to a satelite dish outside my motorhome which has no windows and has aluminium and wood and glass fibre insulation pretty much all around it {Luton box van}.The reception bars are reading 4 out of 4 and I'm inside my motorhome where reception is usually a bit naff.{That reception level is on the phone not connected to my Playbook at the moment: the point is that's an improvement on an o2 phone and an o2 dongle.It's early days as it's my first day being on 3 network and first day of tethering them.As long as the 3 reception/connectivity is strong around the country and download speed is reasonably quick then I will probably say goodbye to o2 and stay with 3.I like the PlayBook also.64gb storage.2 cameras{back one is better than front one},good sound,etc.,.
    02-21-13 04:44 PM