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    06-05-12 12:28 PM
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    Open Connect sounds like Netflix's version of Akamai. Or did I misinterpret the article?
    06-05-12 12:31 PM
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    From what I understood from the article, Open Connect is focused on helping ISPs lower the cost of transporting the video from Netflix's servers to end users. This should not affect in any way how the end client (website, dedicated apps) receive or view the content.

    Maybe higher quality, but users will still need an account, a web browser that supports SilverLight or a native app.

    --edited to add--
    On a side note, for mobile carriers and ISPs, OTT services are "killing them". As data becomes commoditized and applications get most of the revenue, ISPs are considering charging these services.

    This is more of a Net Neutrality conversation rather than a new glimmer of hope for PlayBook getting a native Netflix client.
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    06-05-12 07:30 PM