01-13-13 04:46 AM
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  1. loth's Avatar
    If u wanna ser movies or play movies from a network drive u can use kalemsoft app, if u wanna stream movies from ur pc, u can use splashtop or flix.

    With ur pb u can do a lot of things, if u don't know just ask, welcome to our community.
    01-13-13 12:50 AM
  2. BigwhiteUK's Avatar
    iTunes Sync from app world
    "item Description
    If you're like me, keeping your mobile devices up-to-date with your latest music purchases is a hassle. I've always wished it was a simple as pressing a button -- and now it is. iTunes Sync allows you to copy your iTunes collection from your Windows PC or Mac to your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry phone with the press of a button, no wires, no hassle. Download a new song on your computer? No problem, just open iTunes Sync on your mobile device and press 'Sync', and that track will be copied onto your device wirelessly in seconds.

    Download all of your music, or use features that allow you greater control over what music gets copied to your device.


    - iTunes Sync does not copy music from your BlackBerry PlayBook or BlackBerry phone to your computer. If you are interested in that functionality, check out my other app named "Music Upload", which is PlayBook / Windows PC only at this point.
    - It will not work with DRM music from a few years ago. (note that you can pay Apple another 40 cents to remove the DRM from your old iTunes purchases)
    - Download link for Windows PC program and/or Mac program: http://www.danielbigham.ca/itunessync/"
    here is the link, and yes it is a paid app Buy iTunes Sync - Download iTunes Sync - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World
    01-13-13 04:46 AM
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