12-31-11 05:11 PM
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  1. omega supreme's Avatar
    I can do that at home, but how do I do this at work which is where I have most of this problem?
    that might be tricky; if your job is using wireless n routers then i don't see why they would switch it for you. if you know someone in IT dept. that you get along with you can explain the issue you're having and try to convince them to do so...you tampering with company equipment could have bad results if you value your job.
    12-24-11 02:37 AM
  2. Unsure2's Avatar
    Nothing wrong with bringing problems with the Playbook to light. I am much more interested in hearing "venting" than the empty singing of RIM's praises, as venting provides more useful information.

    Regarding the tethering issue, I have a Verizon MiFi that I use with all my laptops and tablets--$35/month for 3 gigs. Works well.

    Regarding streaming, at home, where I have a fast DSL service, with wireless router (probably not "N," as it's an older model), I use the Playbook to stream Amazon HD movies and play them over the HDMI port to my large-screen HDTV. Does just this just as well as my Tivo. Is actually easier to set up; I just use the browser to go to Amazon, find what I want to watch, set it playing, and expand to full screen. Amazon Prime does not give as much free content as a Netflix subscription; but it is pretty darn good. One thing to remember with streaming is that the content provider software must do are good job adjusting the resolution to something that your broadband connection can support; otherwise, you're going to get annoying pauses while the buffer gets filled up again.

    If I were you, I would take the Playbook to Staples or some other store that has the Playbook on display AND has free WiFi. I would start streaming from your Amazon account on both, and see if there a difference between the two devices' ability to stream the movie.

    Does Amazon have technical support for its streaming service? I've never tried to contact them for help, but they just might have some available. Amazon would, at least, know what they have on their end, and what your router and Playbook needed to have to be compatible.
    12-24-11 05:16 AM
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    After doing tons more reading/research and talking to 4 different tech support people from RIM, I am going to do everything in my power to return the device. If I have to set foot in my bank and demand the manager get my money back I will do so. I was on the phone 3 hours today, main reason I waited till last minute to contact RIM tech support. I went through every avenue and made all sorts of changes to my wifi (which I should NOT have to) and I still get the hanging videos from all sites (amazon, hbo go and crackle) that I do not get from my PC and my son's Lenovo ideapad a1 (which has no where near the screen the PB has, but none the less plays video from start to finish). I will contact shoblackberry to initiate a return.

    I had been on one call for over an hour 1/2. I got a ticket # (read it back to him 3 times) and when I called back because the issue was still there...NO TICKET #! Simply amazing. From the lack of support from CSR with Shop BB and the lack of support from RIM I cannot possibly hang on to this item. I never owned a BB before and this confirms I never will.

    Thanks to all that tried to help, but I followed all advice from this thread and a few others, contacted RIm and they dropped the ball. Nothing worked. Don't care to have another one sent because service is important to me and shop blackberry KILLED themselves and now RIM just added to the situation.
    12-31-11 05:11 PM
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