1. KRS62's Avatar
    My Bellsouth email worked fine for months and months. My work gmail has and is working fine now. Something with the last upgrade caused a problem. I have tried many different ways and settings and nothing seems to work for me. If anyone has a bellsouth account working...can you please post your settings??


    11-28-12 08:42 AM
  2. Stephen_TX's Avatar
    Kris - I just looked at Bellsouth settings (Bellsouth Email - Help & Support for Bellsouth Email. Check Email Setup and Settings, Fix Problems - Support.com) and saw that it appears to be hosted by Yahoo. Recently, after a security wipe, I had to re-enter my Verizon email accounts, and found that when entering my email address in the PB, the settings that were automatically applied were different from Verizon recommended. In fact, the PB set mine up as Yahoo too (which may be the case). When I changed the settings to those recommended by Verizon, everything was fine.
    11-28-12 10:15 AM
  3. JasW's Avatar
    I have a bellsouth.net account and a couple of other Yahoo/Yahoo-based accounts. They never worked right, so I'm kind of surprised you had your bellsouth.net working all right. The only accounts I have that work fine are Outlook/Hotmail and Gmail. But it's pointless using them because the Mail app is so damned laggy -- much quicker to just use my 9810.
    11-28-12 11:57 AM

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