1. Sarah Poulin's Avatar
    This is driving me crazy. I have tried and tried and tried to get my BB Playbook to install in my Windows 8.1 machine and I'm having no such luck. No matter what I install (Blackberry Desktop Software, Blackberry Link, the driver msi files, etc), I am still getting that stupid unrecognized device in my Universal Serial Bus controllers list in the Device Manager.

    I know how to install drivers the manual way, but I can't find the Windows 8.1 drivers (in .inf files) online anywhere. Can someone grab them from their System32 folder for me, zip them, and post the link for me to download? Here is what one guy did, but it's for Windows 7. I tried his .inf file anyway, but it's incompatible: forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-playbook-f222/playbook-usb-connection-issues-606705/index5.html

    (Sorry about the link not being complete. Just copy and paste in your browser. Crackberry won't let me post links because I haven't had 10 posts yet).
    07-05-15 04:24 PM
  2. Sarah Poulin's Avatar
    Well... that was stupid. NOWHERE online did it say to go into Storage & Sharing (on the Blackberry), and under "USB Connections" choose "Connect to Windows" (it was previously Automatic), and then BLAMMO, it suddenly connected to my computer and started working.
    07-05-15 04:35 PM

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