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    Just got the playbook yesterday. I'm not tech savvy. Wanted to install Navita and happy the playbook came with it preinstalled. There is no icon on my home screen but it says it's installed in My App folder. My goal was to pay the 5.99 and have it work ad free. Called bb tech support. Spent an hour uninstalling, reinstalling, and combined with various power downs and power back up thrown in,

    I went through this yesterday with the Android Amazon Kindle App. After hours of messing around and just about to walk away the icon showed up and now my kindle app works great and can even send my amazon books directly to the playbook (yeah!) I have no idea what it was that I did to solve that problem, but was hoping if I fiddled around with today's Navita problem the same thing would happen. I'm now 2 hours into this and ready to give up.

    The tech guy suggested I reinstall the software (which is the same software that I installed yesterday when I received the playbook). the problem with that is I will have to start over with the Kindle app and I dread having to figure that out the second time (this is what happens when you get old and can't remember what you did yesterday).

    Does anyone have any ideas on why the Navita app says it's installed but no icon on my home screen?

    08-04-12 02:27 PM