1. darkhorse321's Avatar
    Hi there,
    I am new to this forum but absolutely love my blackberry playbook. It's a perfect tool for my needs. I was hoping to purchase the Nappa Portfolio from Brookstone, but they are sold out.
    Leather Portfolio for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

    If anyone here has one they don't like, I'd be very willing to purchase it from you. I live in Canada though, so anyhow, could you please leave a message here or PM me r post? Or if you know any other place that sells them I can buy online. Any place I find is linked to Brookstone (amazon, buy.com, etc) Private sellers on Amazon.com don't ship to Canada. I needed this portfolio for work related reasons as this is the only case that has a zipper around it for added protection.
    01-27-13 08:09 PM
  2. jesse_h's Avatar
    Did you try ebay?

    Welcome to crackberry.
    01-27-13 10:03 PM
  3. darkhorse321's Avatar
    I did- nothing. Thanks! I love my blackberry stuff!
    01-27-13 10:14 PM
  4. darkhorse321's Avatar
    Just wanted to say I did find one!! Thanks for suggestions
    01-30-13 02:41 PM

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