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    There's likely been many threads about this before but here are a few things that bothers me and should be addressed

    1. Why is the earphone connection on the opposite end of the other ports? I'd love to buy a docking station that would recharge, hdmi out, & connect to my sound system. As it is if I have the jack connected to listen to Slacker, I can't prop up my PB with the standard protective sleeve.

    2. File manager: I've bought 3 different ones. They're all okay in their own way. But for my money the best way to find and look at files is the smart office file navigator. It's not a full fledged file manager however.

    3. Why can I not open PDF files with Adobe Reader or smart office with voice clips embedded? The documents open but no clips. While I'm there whle office files work okay for some light duty, I would pay more to get some beefed up version. For example working with pivot tables in Excel.

    My beef for the day. Rant off
    07-18-12 10:55 AM