02-18-13 03:34 PM
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    I finally was able to fix it somewhat. Posting from my playbook now actually-but anyway the way I fixed it was I would press the power button and while still holding it I'd put the usb in and keep putting it in and out a few times. It finally powered on and said it was charging so I let it sit till it got to 21% then I could continue the set up. So it works now and everything. I figure my usb plug is loose because I have to wiggle with usb in alot before it starts charging but either way it works now!
    If your usb port is loose now, you might want to consider one of the rapid chargers that rim sells. I prefer the more versatile Travel version rather than the Dock (many cases have to be removed to fit it in the dock)
    02-18-13 03:34 PM
26 12

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