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    Hi fellow Playbook users, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when my friend pulled a playbook out of his backpack and we started talking about how we use the devices. He is a really organized guy with an organized device while mine is a mess. I thought it would be interesting to know how everyone has optimized the stuff on the Playbook to make it as useful a tool as possible. If you think so too, reply and answer the following questions about your cool Playbook setup.

    Tell us what the specs of your Playbook are?

    How often do you use it?

    What do you use it for?

    How do you decide what to put on it given the limitations of the memory?

    What are the top 5 apps from the store that you can't live without?

    How role does you Playbook play with the rest of your other technology(computer, laptop, phone)?

    How often do you sync it and what are the essential things you have to sync on the Playbook?

    What else would you like to say about how you use your Playbook?
    03-23-13 02:07 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I have pdf's in the document folder and then in some broad subjects, like Recipes, maps, etc. Pdf Reader can use Folders so you can find stuff.

    Videos are similarly sorted by tv, movies, foreign, etc. Kalemsoft uses folders.

    I manually copy stuff to "sync" things.

    64gb unit. Battery Guru, Kalemsoft, files&folders, pdf reader.
    03-23-13 07:40 PM
  3. gsioufi's Avatar
    16GB PB.

    Well, mine is organized in alphabetical order and by categories. I start with general apps, then utilities, then games, then the least used icons last. I fill the page until there needs scrolling. I group certain applications who have similar ideas (imaging for example) into one folder.

    I have the web browser, whatsapp, voice recorder, music, camera in the main dock.

    I use it every day to record lectures, sometimes slacker radio. Awesome.

    And the rest I can just show you in images.
    03-23-13 10:17 PM
  4. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I don't have time to answer all the Q, but my PB is with me most of the time. We start the day by tracking weight & blood glucose with Health Tracker, then record exercise (during which I like to learn things watching You Tube with the SteroTube Music app) & to do list in Groovy Notes. I use Bridge constantly paired with my 9850, from texting clients to remote control of Power Point & videos during presentations (Files & Folders). I use Print to Go when in a real hurry. I manage client authorizations & invoicing from my PB, and thanks to Bridge no longer pay for Internet at the office. Friday night I got caught in a blizzard. I pulled over & after checking Doppler decided to keep going. I use Evernote constantly, and am never far from CB. At the end of the day I use Kobo to settle in with a good book. Who could live without it?

    I have 64g, so memory never a problem. I organize my screens according to business, media a day games, with sub folders on each page. I drag & drop vids and docs. I sync with Outlook via USB to my 9850 then use Bridge. I can't use cloud for Outlook due to confidentiality, so can't migrate to a Z10 until that is possible.
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    03-24-13 03:37 PM

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