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    PlayBook and BB10 are two words you won't read together without an immediate rant.
    I'll change that, just for a while, don't shoot me now (I surrender in advance), just have a read.

    1. PB won't handle the load
    I've used the dev Alpha A as a regular device with the full BB10 OS before I had my hands on a Z10.
    Let's be clear: two VERY different experiences. If the DA was given as a final device ... I love BlackBerry, but I won't have spent a penny for it.
    To be simple: PB compares to DA on a perf/specs point of view. Loading it with the same OS than Q10 and Z10 will be a suicide.
    Kevin and Bla1ze (was it Adam, all ?) wrote about this, months ago. And I finally agree with that.

    2. But PB OS is QNX right ?
    Yup, they share the same heart. They should talk ... M2M (machine to machine).
    Hey, isn't that what we heard repetitively these last days ?
    Oki doki ... let's keep this in mind.

    3. My PB looks old fashioned when I compare to my Z10
    Oh dear. Yes. In did. Unless I need to browse a large website or view a tiny detail on a HD video ... I must admit my Q and Z are now my only mobile devices.

    4. Did I mention I feel like Bridge as regressed since BB10 ?
    nahhh ... I'm not ranting.
    Well ... in fact, yes. A bit. Even a *little* more.
    It just shouldn't.

    I mentioned a dream in the title ... so what is it ?
    It's a simple dream.
    Make the PB a great extension of the Z/Q/R/10s.
    Call it Bridge, DLNA, Bluetooth, Wifi, M2M or whatever you tecchy fools like.

    I dream my Playbook is a BB10 peripheral. Even a "Passive" one.
    I can use it as a wider touch keyboard, a second screen, in brief, just scale my Z or my Q to 7".
    That simple. And I'll be dancing night and day.

    Now is it going to happen ?
    Well ... did I saw V this V lately ?
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    05-16-13 01:07 PM
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    I would settle for this, and I don't think it is at all too much to ask for. Machine-to-machine especially. There are already a bunch of angry threads on this and the good constructive comments get lost in the rancor. So thanks for a useful suggestion.

    It could be worse.... like the short-lived WebOs Touchpad that went up in a virtual puff of smoke within weeks of its release. But it could be better. For relevant example, from Paul Thurrott's terrific Windows Supersite:
    "Each month since the release of the first Surface tablet, Microsoft has issued firmware updates that improve the devices. And May is no different: Today, the firm is releasing firmware updates for Surface RT and Surface Pro. It’s the 7th straight month they’ve done so. As noted previously, these updates are cumulative. That means that each update includes all previous updates, so if you miss a month, you’re covered in the next update."

    That, or something like it, was the original Playbook Launch dream -- a steady stream of updates and improvements. Microsoft has been providing them for 7 months now, for the Surface, and that product was a finished and polished device on the day of its release, in contrast to the Playbook (and we don't need to go back over that history). I have a Surface Pro and I can confirm its gotten better month-by-month. It took many, many months to get the blanks filled in on the Playbook and its hard not to have the feeling that its been left unfinished and its owners unsatisfied and BB's promises unfulfilled.

    But I do get that BB10 handsets are the critical focal point for BB now. I also think that maybe as the Z10 neared release, BB's ambitions for BB10 ramped up (which is a good thing) and the PB BB10 compatibility was a casualty in the startling breakout that the Z10 and the Q10 represents. If so, I don't want BB to break its momentum. I'd rather they keep on pushing forward until they run completely out of gas. As Patton and the Third Army learned, once your tanks run dry and roll to a stop, it gets harder to get back into gear and your "enemy" doesn't sit idly and wait until you're ready. The going gets tougher once you've stalled. So full speed ahead BB!

    But surely there is a way to devote some resources to making the PB relevant in the new environment. I don't need to have every Z10 or Q10 app to run on my PB but can't they at least play with one another?
    05-16-13 03:03 PM

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