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    I went to the Verizon store today to get a new sim card and we were unable to get the device to connect. When selecting the manual scsn for networks we can see the Verizon 4GLTE, ATT and TMobile networks but cannot connect. Any ideas? Another note: when I got home, I can no longer see the Verizon network, only ATT and TMobile.
    09-06-14 05:40 PM
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    Bumping this...anybody have any suggestions?

    Posted via CB10
    09-07-14 10:05 PM
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    Bumping this...anybody have any suggestions?

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    There was always talk that VZW would offer the LTE PB but I don't think it ever materialized. I don't even know if ATT offered it in the US. It was mainly launched in Canada and UK. Unless someone has a PB connected to VZW, I'd continue with VZW tech support to see if PB can connect to CDMA network. Get as high level support as you can. Not sure if PB has CDMA (VZW) support. Pretty sure it has GSM (ATT) support.
    09-08-14 07:05 PM
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    Just got off chat with tech support...they say my sim is bad, but they really didn't dig very deeply into things. I'll try a new sim card tomorrow. This card activated just fine on a Samsung tablet in the store.

    So. Onto the merry-go-round we go

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    09-08-14 09:29 PM
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    Update: After much digging and a really concerted effort from the Verizon folks, no success activating the sim card in the Playbook. I'm still glad I got it though, I've since learned that you CAN hot spot data and talk on the phone at the same time! Something I've always been told you can't do on Verizon. So, in effect, using the Z30 with plenty of battery as my hot spot, I don't need a sim card anyway. PlayBook has its age spits showing, but it does what I need it to very well. Mainly use it for my work app in the cloud and document storage/access when in the field. Very economical way to do it.

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    09-14-14 09:49 AM
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    Yo. Is your playbook unlocked?


    Posted via my STA100-5 z30
    09-14-14 05:41 PM

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