09-29-12 12:45 AM
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    The OP writes very well, as well as a journalist paid for advertisement.

    Which she is not of course, because she is a housewife.
    Varunsain, is that you?

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    09-25-12 07:04 AM
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    OP, I like your review, but dismissing THE most popular tablet in the world because 'you're annoyed with it" discredits your review IMO. Can everyone else be wrong and the few thousand Playbook users be right? I have seen Blackberry users switch to iPhones and NONE of them have returned to blackberry. I have NEVER seen an iPhone user switch to blackberry.
    Here's an ex iPhone user who switched to Blackberry
    09-25-12 07:34 AM
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    OP I really liked your impressions of the PlayBook. It seemed to be an honest review of everything and it was a please to read.
    I mean that!!
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    09-25-12 07:59 AM
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    Hi! After being a newbie to all things Blackberry, the Playbook is the first Blackberry I have ever owned (my cell is an Android) and I have had it for a couple of weeks and wanted to share my impressions.

    I have had a lot of time to use my Android phone. Yes, the platform is different, there are tons of apps but truthfully like most devices/OS systems, I get bored and do not even download anymore apps to my phone. Now I use use it to text, read email, occasionally look something up on the internet and make calls. I customized my screens, I read 4 books on my phone (not with Kindle), watch You Tube Videos and tinkered with it all I could.

    I looked at many Android tablets, went to the store and played with them, was close to getting one of the Samsung Tablets but then realized I would be just getting a bigger cell phone without the phone capabilities. So started to look at the HP Touchpad but something told me to stay away. But through it all, the Playbook was always at the top of my list. As I stated in my first post ever here, the Playbook just kept moving in the forefront of the contenders no matter how hard I tried to veer away and stay with Android. Apple products annoy me so they are never in consideration.

    Well I jumped in head first, bought the Playbook 32GB because it just felt like it was meant to be and for the most part I love the experience. Yes, there are moments things lag and do not open correctly or freeze. I have the same thing on my Android phone and my laptop. These things are normal. I honestly do not Skype, I do not read tons of books on the laptop, phone or tablet (I personally like to read physical books when I get time), and I like to see movies in a theater or on a normal size TV and I really do not have the time to sit in front of my tablet and watch movies.

    The games I downloaded are a lot of fun, my son hijacks my playbook everyday to play and is thrilled. The clarity of the screen is beautiful, the browser works great, I have a lot of backgrounds to choose from for the screen to make it look nicer, I downloaded some music from the music store, watched some TV, downloaded a free book and watched You Tube videos. I downloaded a great weather app, battery guru, angry birds (and about 20 other games), and countless other apps to make the Playbook fun and useable. I have my documents from my laptop on it, took a video the other day and it looks awesome, used the camera and it looks great as well and noticed there are new apps in the store all the time.

    Since I am busy and cannot keep a tablet on my hip 24/7, this tablet is great and does all I can ask for, relatively seemlessly. The best thing I can advise is do research before buying, see what you cannot live without and buy a tablet based on that. Do not buy a Playbook and complain as to what it does not have. I did my research and could not care less about Skype and Kindle because I do not use them and I have had every opportunity to use it on my phone and laptop and never did.

    I bought the rapid charger so I do not use the USB port too much because it is a little fragile and I love the rapid charger. Bought a car charger for the road and I am all set. I do not need a bluetooth keyboard at this point but perhaps down the road I will and I will buy one.

    I am happy with my purchase, I have no buyers remorse and if I ever want an android tablet down the line, I can buy one. But honestly right now I do not want to. No need. My phone is enough for that. This Playbook rocks! And I am happy with it without OS 2.1 or even BB10...those will be an added bonus and I am excited if and when they do come out. But I do not obsess over it, I bought it for what it could do now and I am happy. I know this is long but hopefully it may help someone who is on the fence about buying one or has one and is not sure if it was a good purchase.

    Thanks for listening!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this beautiful device. As you, I am also very happy with my PlayBook, which help me get through the day and be efficient.

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    09-25-12 08:15 AM
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    Wafa, way to stand up and answer back an obvious troll post. Good original post, good follow-up from most posters, one mean-spirited troll, and one darn good comeback by you. Well done.
    Funny how the great US of A like to call everybody on their 'free speech' culture, but boy, that free speech better align with their own thoughts or they just say you can stuff it!

    You Canadians probably has special powers to sniff out trolls, don't you? Don't you like the USA's free speech culture?

    This was a good conversation/thread by OP and others and sugarmouth had some valid questions (which I also thought) as to how she was thinking/saying until you ruined it with your mean-spirited comment. Pity. I think you owe sugarmouth an apology.
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    09-25-12 10:32 AM
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    FYI, I'm not a regular contributor to crackberry so anything that I submit is, like yourself, my opinion. That said, I love my PB and 9800!
    09-25-12 11:19 PM
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    I've had mine for a couple of weeks now and think it's a great device but I'm disappointed with the battery life so far. I turned the brightness to about 1/4 and light browsing/app usage nets me about four hours. I'm trying to find a free app like "Battery Guru" that shows me the health. Aside from that, I'd use it all day if I could.
    09-28-12 11:32 PM
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    The OP writes very well, as well as a journalist paid for advertisement.

    Which she is not of course, because she is a housewife.
    And it would make perfect sense to pay somebody to post a positive review where it would have the least impact whatsoever.

    Some people...
    09-29-12 12:27 AM
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    After having mine since April, 2011, and having paid full price, I concur with all you've written. I really like my PB and use it almost everyday and take it with me almost everywhere. Useful and fun.

    Same here. I paid full price and feel it has been well worth it. Use it quite a lot.

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