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    Got a new cassette and wire from Radio Shack to use my Torch 9850 in my older ML-320: works great. It does get amusing watching OS 7.1, Vlingo, and my Bose system haggle with one another when I am listening to whatever and a call comes in: shoot, it all works correctly ! Thank you RIM !!

    Well, today I plugged in my 64gb PB into this same Cassette On a Wire Rube Goldberg contraption and...dang it just works correctly. Didn't even need a separate transition connector. Now I don't worry about incoming calls. Oh Well !!! Thank you RIM for allowing me to use the same gear for my Torch 9850 and my PB.

    I need to start shopping around for an inexpensive HDMI to ????? for my ML-320's Bose system. I understand that the HDMI music output is outstanding. Doc Neutron
    01-22-12 08:24 PM