1. Aman Agrawal123's Avatar
    I am having a blackberry playbook 32 GB and i am having some charging issues.My playbook is not turning own even if i connect it to a charger.When i connect it,at first a red LED comes up with a battery sign with a thunderbolt which shows that it is gettng charged. But after about 10 -15 seconds,it goes off and the playbook reboots but it gets off in the middle of the process and turns off and again follows the same process.I tried all the ways to charge it but it is not getting charged.Please help. I have important datas on my playbook.I am having this problem since a month.Please help.

    04-26-14 10:33 AM
  2. 46Nico40's Avatar
    Which charger are you using? Is it Micro-USB and is it Blackberry branded?
    04-26-14 12:24 PM
  3. Aman Agrawal123's Avatar
    04-26-14 12:34 PM
  4. Aman Agrawal123's Avatar
    please help me
    its very important
    04-26-14 12:35 PM
  5. nova_8's Avatar
    Try changing using the charging dock. It solved my charging problems


    Posted via CB10
    04-26-14 09:43 PM
  6. Wireless Gadget's Avatar
    Hey Aman, I just replied to my post and was able to get my PB working, if you are using the 1.8A charger, it should work. Step charge the PB. Make sure the PB is completely turned off first, plug in charger USB to PB and charger to power bar and control turning on and off from the switch on the power bar.

    Red light should light up for 2-3 sec.
    Yellow light should light up for 10 sec.
    Yellow light will then glow on and off for about 7 times.
    Green light should be solid.
    Turn off power from power bar and wait.
    Green light will fade to a dim green light and then turn off.
    Turn power on and the above light sequences will repeat.
    Be patient, step charging takes time, each time you give the PB a little power.
    You should then notice eventually the plug and lightning bolt appear, this is a good sign, continue.
    Only when you notice the yellow light glowing 2-3 times and then switch to green, would I recommend pressing the power button.

    Refer to the posts by F2 for details and explanations.

    Good luck. Defrib as a last resort.
    04-27-14 10:41 PM
  7. Aman Agrawal123's Avatar
    i tried this also but it dindnt work.Please help.I am very desperate.
    05-02-14 12:11 PM
  8. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    Try the procedure mentioned here:

    The PB requires a certain charge level to boot. Is the PB still trying to boot when you are charging it? Every time it tries to boot, you deplete any charge that you may have accumulated by stack charging.
    05-02-14 01:22 PM
  9. Dave Bourque's Avatar
    i tried this also but it dindnt work.Please help.I am very desperate.
    If nothing else works you will need to get the magnetic charger.

    05-02-14 01:45 PM
  10. eblade's Avatar
    is not charging, or is charging, but then reboots when it's trying to start? mine had an infinite boot loop, which stopped when I connected it to a PC that had Blackberry Link installed.
    05-04-14 09:49 AM
  11. sonicpix's Avatar
    I replied to a post in the forums on this. It happened to a friend. I gave her my magnetic charger and it works fine.

    BB Proud
    05-04-14 09:55 AM

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