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    Okay Desktop Manager(Mac) has started to mess up my music sync, first by not remembering which playlist it synced before on top of being pretty slow compared to an ipad syncing via cable and iTunes. The playlist issue has been happening since October and I've waited long enough for a fix, updating to the latest a week or two ago as well. No use. Already reinstalled because at some point my Mac stopped recognizing my PB via cable and a reinstall fixed that only.

    I'm now looking for an alternative to this annoyance.

    Anyone has any ideas for an alternative?
    11-22-11 08:40 AM
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    Dear Blackberry, it's not me, it's you. I've tried to be loyal but you clearly don't care about me

    Honestly -- I've tried to be patient with this company and device but seriously? It's been a year (longer for early adopters). A YEAR. WAITING. For basic functionality to work.

    Sad truth is this product -- and the support for it -- is garbage. Bridge is a nice feature but it doesn't offset the fact that it takes HOURS to sync with my mac and as the previous poster pointed out it doesn't even do that right (duplicate entries, etc.) How hard can it possibly be not to have duplicate entries? And really, my next phone will probably be an iphone anyway, because guess what? My company changed it's security policy to allow them. I'll look at the Z10 and Q10 when the time comes but we both know you'll just disappoint me again. I don't like being a cliche, and I will miss the keyboard, but hey -- it's not the end of the world.

    I used an ipad mini the other day and guess what? it works. it's fast and smooth and smaller than the playbook, and I bet it would sync with my itunes no problem. Not only that but it comes with itunes, with the playbook I had to pay for a decent media player because the native app was such garbage it was unusable -- you know what's nice to see on the screen when you're listening to a song? The artist. Not the album. No kidding. Ever hear of a mixtape?

    I can't believe I made it through this without using profanity.
    04-15-13 09:54 PM
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    You had to dig up a thread that's almost 1 1/2 years old to find someone with a problem that's similar to the one you're having. You've made your point. It's an epidemic. Here's a thought. Maybe it's your Mac. Everyone here knows that those things are inherently unreliable. Buy a PC and you won't have these problems.
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    04-15-13 10:28 PM