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    Found a cool way to make and play multiple music playlists on different players/speakers easily in a single app at the same time on pb. Started with logitech squeeze box server (had to make user account) & install squeezeplay player on pc which is connected to my stereo works good there, no hiccups. Then downloaded music2touch app and was then able to mange music from anywhere in the house on my stereo/pc. Then downloaded squeeze2pb app as a player on the pb (no real setup just pc/music server ip address) and then I had multiple players (pc & pb) I could then select different players & create/select different playlists and play to where I chose (pb or pc/stereo at the same time though different playlists) I hope to try port forwarding later this week to see if I can play music on my pb from my home pc while away. Good Fun! Hope this makes sense, Saturday night and a few in. Cheers.
    07-08-12 03:20 AM