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    I dunno Im having all sorts connection issues or maybe I have the wrong idea

    I just got my BB music gateway and have my BOLD 9930 connected to it and working right

    FIRST QUESTION: I should also be able to pair up my PLAYBOOK while my BB is connected to the the MUSIC GATEWAY Y/N both at the same time

    Ihavent been able to see both connected at once but maybe Im doing something wrong

    CAN THE BOLD BE PLAYING MUSIC THRU THE MUSIC GATEWAY THAT WILL PLAYBACK ON THE PLAYBOOK SPEAKERS (if so any tricks on this) Ive done searches but it seems it says the BB or Playbook or any Bluetooth can connect but the output of the music has to be hard wired (fromthe back connections) or can 2 blue tooth devices be connected to this and one be the player and one be the speakers.

    the REAL QUESTION THOUGH is Can I play music thru bold thru gateway and hear it onmy playbook (sorry bridge has a hard time with over 7000 music files to show up on playbook this year LOL)
    06-25-12 04:44 PM
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    First questions - I don't think that is possible with the gateway. You can only connect one device via bluetooth at a time.

    The PlayBook doesn't have the ability to be Bluetooth speakers as far as I know. Also, the gateway only plays receives music via bluetooth. It was not designed for what you are proposing.
    06-25-12 05:01 PM
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    Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, the BB Music Gateway can accept up to 6 different devices; therefore, you should be able to pair your phone and Playbook at the same time.

    Based on reading the manual; you are NOT able to send from your phone to the BB Music Gateway to the Playbook; the BB Music Gateway is unidirectional - it only accepts info from phones/playbook/tablet and then sends it out via a physical connection to your stereo.

    This link will take you to the official manual for the Gateway: http://docs.blackberry.com/en/smartp...338-001-US.pdf

    This link will take you to RIM's webpage for the device where there is some troubleshooting information: BlackBerry - BlackBerry Music Gateway
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    06-25-12 05:20 PM
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    OK thanks for the info, hmmm didnt think about that

    so I can buy some bluetooth speakers and they will connect to the gateway while BB is connected, Nah that wont work either, only one device at a time, (Y/N) Bold conected to gateway with Bluetooth speakers connected for playback. (guess the speakers would count as a device)

    I will say one thing I have my big speakers hooked up to this thing and its really neat using the BB as the remote and player.

    EDIT-someone posted in between, See I saw the six device thing but I havent seen the Playbook and BB at the same time but I havent worked too much with the playbook since the BLACKBERRY logo on the back onthe playbook doesnt NPC sync like the bold does

    BOLD playing mp3s TO GATEWAY to BLUETOOTH SPEKERS and then I can get all this stuff moved away from my PC would best next to playbook being able to recieve for playback
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    it only accepts info from phones/playbook/tablet and then sends it out via a physical connection to your stereo

    OK SO IS THIS CORRECT, The output is hardwired, so I can connect 6 things up to it but to hear it I have to be hardwired out of the back,

    I hate how BB dangles the goods in front of you and then says well, you can have some of it, (just like the bridge, if it accessed files (like 7000 files) quick and shuffled songs for playbook, then I would of never gotten this GATEWAY)

    Now the gate way, seems like it should be able to charge up so power isnt needed all the time and that everything should be bi directional and it should BE SPECIAL WITH SPECIAL FEATURES LINKING THE BB and playbook
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    06-25-12 05:28 PM
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    If the gateway had a battery, the battery would:
    1 - be tiny because the device is very small
    2 - increase the price
    3 - The battery health would drop like a sinking ship because it's usually plugged in, which is terrible for a battery.
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    06-25-12 05:33 PM
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    Also I don't understand the confusion. It clearly lists the setup requirements on the page and there is minimal text, which means minimal confusion:

    BlackBerry Music Gateway - RIM US
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    06-25-12 05:36 PM
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    ...so I can buy some bluetooth speakers and they will connect to the gateway while BB is connected...
    HUH??! If you have BT speakers, you don't NEED the Gateway anymore...
    06-25-12 06:05 PM
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    HUH??! If you have BT speakers, you don't NEED the Gateway anymore...
    Not true. I have a gateway connected to my home stereo. I also have portable BT speakers in my bedroom.
    06-25-12 06:12 PM
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    Not true. I have a gateway connected to my home stereo. I also have portable BT speakers in my bedroom.
    Um, the OP was talking about using the gateway to connect TO the BT speakers... that was the source of my confusion.
    06-25-12 06:27 PM
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    APperciate the help everyone,

    Yeah I know minimual setup but it just seems that if you could connect 6 devices that there would be some love between the playbook and BB, not sure why 6 devices to all act as remotes and music storage for one output (just seems this thing has a lot more portential)

    Also thought of the why the need for BT speakers (as stated above by another poster) as I could connect my phone to it, really IM still a little bummeed that ...

    I cant access my music off my bb and shuffle em up and play em on my playbook (7000 files, remember) (THIS IS WHAT THE OP ORIGNALLY WANTED TO HAPPEN WITH ALL THIS 6 DEVICE BLUETOOTH STUFF)

    I got bridges I got gateways and I still cant shuffle my songs from my bold and get them onto my playbook ( I LOOK AT MY BB and PB as one becasue together they look like a sweet package)
    06-25-12 06:38 PM
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    If you had X number of devices that could fully interact with each other how would it differentiate between them... You would need to essentially bridge the device across the gateway, which the gateway is not a actual blackberry bridge (nor would they allow it to be due to security reasons).

    Simply pairing with the music gateway will not let you view or access files on another BB device. You are using A2DP bluetooth pairing, not multi blackberry bridging.

    Your essentially trying to treat the media gateway as a media server, which it is absolutely nothing like that at all.
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    06-25-12 06:43 PM
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    WIFI hard drive, get my music on that. BUT when the playbook access'es, it will be just files (Y/N) I can have 500g of music but the music player on the PB or BB wont reconize anything and the file manager will show a disk drive full of files. Wondering if that will shuffle songs and play on the playbook. (Hmm the wifi signal wont let the playbook media player reconize anyting but whats internallyinside (something stupid Im sure)

    Im trying to get the PB and BB to be the central music hub but dang Im having all sorts of hangups, The music has to be on the BB so I can have it with me in the car, If I put songs on PB it will be just repeats, but I got to be able to access

    YOU KNOW THE REAL PROBLEM IS .... why do all these tablets stop at 64g and not give slots, is 64g the limit, why cant the have 200g models but anyways


    I do like GATEWAY, its pretty sweet
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    06-25-12 06:50 PM
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    The purchase rate of a 200gig model price point would be pathetic, so they just wouldn't even bother making it.
    06-25-12 07:30 PM
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    I bought my gateway as soon as it was available june 1st. I use it in my car and it is freaking amazing!!
    06-28-12 02:43 AM