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    So, this is a concept which is relatively new to me, which I believe I've invented the term for. It was inspired by the teens I work with and my overuse of my PlayBook. The definition to multi-apping, which I'm inventing, is the running of many small programs, which one swaps back and forth with in quick succession until the brain's overall wave frequency harmonizes, producing an induced altered "happy place" state of mind.

    What I'd like to know, is if anyone else is experiencing this, and if so, what your configuration is. Here's an example, which is my personal favourite at the moment.

    1. Music: Purple playlist, which consists of electronic and remixed lounge.
    1. (alternative) Browser: Live365.com, Groove Theory station, a mix of electronic, dub, and down tempo.

    2. Browser: forums.crackberry.com

    3. Browser: facebook.com

    4. App: Fantasy Islands

    5. App: Words with Friends

    6. (optional): App World

    I run all of this at the same time, swapping back and forth. I currently have a home made strawberry daiquiri on the arm of my chair, with far too much rum. It's hot out, and I'm happy placing like the dickens.
    08-04-12 04:27 PM
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    Mmmm .... so you think you've re-created an LSD effect on your brain by doing these actions persistently and quickly?

    Maybe the daiquiri is the tonic and the switching between apps is just the flow on blurring effect?

    Mmmmm .....
    08-04-12 05:48 PM
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    08-04-12 06:02 PM