1. BerryGuy4040's Avatar
    I am attempting to drag videos I recorded with my Playbook, onto my PC. I've plugged the Playbook using the USB cable; the Playbook has been mapped as a "Z" drive on the PC.

    The list of files under Playbook shows a folder called video, but its empty. There are a number of videos on the Playbook; why can't I see them and drag them off?

    I am able to drag pictures and music onto the Playbook in this fashion, I just can't seem to get the videos off.

    09-28-12 03:47 PM
  2. farside33's Avatar
    Look in the camera folder. This is where my video recordings are stored.
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    09-28-12 03:52 PM
  3. BerryGuy4040's Avatar
    There they are! I should have thought to look there.

    Thank you farside33, much appreciated.
    09-28-12 04:07 PM