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    Hi guys

    Was waiting in the airport the other day on my playbook, and tried me.com on my playbook (which did not work very well!). I haven't got my MobileMe account set up on my bb, so it got me thinking...

    I thought about a way of being able to use my mobile me mail account on my pb, and came with a solution, although a work in progress.

    I installed RoundCube on our web server and configured it to connect to MobileMe mail, apart from not being able to single click to open a message (I'm working on it), it works pretty sweet.

    I'm going to change the theme to make it a little more user friendly for touch devices, but feel free to give it a go! Might even turn it into an app!

    Playbook Mail :: Welcome to Playbook Mail

    Like I say, it is a work in progress so bare with me! suggestions received with gratitude
    09-10-11 11:07 AM