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    I did some research and either missed or didn't see this particular problem. I've owned and have been using my PlayBook1 as my primary driver since 4 months after release with no issues. This weekend I finally decided to clean it up as it's been slowing down a little lately. I did a full backup with Linkand performed a security wipe, which I've previously done on my PlayBook2 with no issues. In this instance, after a problem free (apparent) restore, I found my core app icons ( except for browser) missing, namely Messages, Contacts, Calendar, BlackBerry World, Pictures, Camera etc...

    All my other apps showed up including purchased ones and the PlayBook is actually much speedier than previously. I used AirBrowser and found many of the associated files, like my photos and voice notes but upon attempting to open the files I get a message that the associated program needed to open the file cannot be found.

    My question is are the programs and associated icons on the PlayBook somewhere or did they fail to load? Should I wipe and reload again or can I load them some other way? Since I don't have BlackBerry World I have no way to dowload through it either. Everything else seems to be functional and working fine, I just need those apps to access their associated files.

    FWIW I tried accessing the apps through my backup files but Windows couldn't open them saying
    " Windows could not identify program needed to open file".

    Advice and assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
    01-26-15 11:42 PM
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    CHECK FOR AN UPDATE. After wiping, only the OS is reloaded, which only includes the browser and setup apps. When you go through setup after wiping, you should be notified that an update is available. If you pass on this update, you'll be left with a playbook missing the core apps. This is normal. An update should be available to install all of these apps. If it's not available, all of the bar files for these apps are available and can be sideloaded. If I can find the link for these, I'll post it.
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    01-27-15 12:01 AM
  3. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Much appreciated. The reason I didn't take the update is I already have the latest release and I didn't do it on my PlayBook2 wipe/restore, which came out fine. Maybe that was a fluke. I'll do the update tomorrow and post the results. Thanksfor the assistance.
    01-27-15 12:35 AM
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    FWIW, there are good reasons to skip the update and only install (sideload) the core apps that you want and/or actually use. First, you can free up some system resources and, second, you can get speedier boot times. I have done so and get about 600 megs of free memory with no apps running, and my boot times used to be just under two minutes though this is now up to about two minutes ten seconds. The down side is that the update notification is always there, though that is not a big deal. .
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    01-27-15 12:54 AM
  5. rotorwrench's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip and I agree. I used to do that very thing with my legacy BB phones, individually load my apps and files, which DTM used to allow. I did the update and my cores did load and everything is running smooth and faster, which is why I did the wipe in the first place. Thanks a lot for the help!
    01-27-15 07:09 PM

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