1. Gooner26's Avatar
    I was just playing with my pb whilst waiting to get my daughter from school when I noticed after connecting my pb and phone via bridge I lost all the icons in my bridge folder.

    I have attached pictures showing this.
    After a hard reset they are now back.
    Has anybody else had this issue or does anybody know what could have caused it?
    As its sorted its self now I'm not that bothered but more curious really

    Should mention I'm on is 2.0
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    07-06-12 10:30 AM
  2. wuulfy's Avatar
    yeah happened to me once, but when i did a reset it was fine.
    Funnily the links still worked, just no icons.
    07-06-12 10:49 AM
  3. sleepngbear's Avatar
    I've had this happen a few times, though not recently. Reboot brings them right back. It's happened maybe once or twice on all OS's. No idea what causes it, but it's probably been months since I've last seen it.
    07-06-12 10:51 AM
  4. hpjrt's Avatar
    Yeah ... I get this once in a while ... and I simply regard it as a friendly little reminder that it wouldn't hurt to re-boot!
    07-06-12 10:55 AM
  5. Canuck671's Avatar
    Nice wallpaper. What is it called?
    07-06-12 11:12 AM
  6. Chaddface's Avatar
    It happened to me yesterday. Next time I restart they will be back.
    07-06-12 11:26 AM
  7. Gooner26's Avatar
    Nice wallpaper. What is it called?
    I got if from crackberry, see link below - hope this helps

    07-06-12 12:08 PM
  8. FF22's Avatar
    I had that happen just this past week and left it that way for almost a week. I did not want to bother restarting the pb.
    07-06-12 05:43 PM
  9. apengue1's Avatar
    Yeah it happens sometimes, but its no big deal because everything still works, just the icons are missing Thank god not the writing, too! A restart brings them back.
    07-06-12 06:58 PM
  10. orgullodemexico's Avatar
    The missing icons seems to happen when I stay connected for 10 hours or more non stop. A restart will bring the icons back. A minor problem, yes. A simple fix, yes again. Annoying as ? Big YES!

    09-04-12 12:38 PM