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    Hi, my 32GB PB arrived this afternoon, and I am very impressed with the whole experience. How RIM didn't make a fortune with then I'll never know.....

    But when I lay the PB flat on the table it seems to behave bit oddly. For example I can't hold an App and select it to delete of move it, instead there is some flickering and other apps can open etc. Yet when I hold it in my hand, everything is fine.

    I am sure this is user-error, but can anyone explain what or why this is happening?

    01-06-12 04:47 PM
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    Is it a weird sort of table? Or one with some electronic device nearby or under it, possibly interfering with the touch screen? It sounds like what some people experience with PlayBooks near large speakers, or what I've seen when I put two of them face-to-face... in a weird masturbatory sort of dance they activate each other repeatedly, crazily.

    Try a simple wooden table with no electronics nearby. If it acts the same, then I think it's not the above, but possibly a defect with the hardware. Some loose connection that's made to intermittently open and close depending on how the thing is held, or something like that.
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    01-06-12 04:56 PM
  3. tabulus's Avatar

    It is because I am sitting right next to my lap top! When I move away and use the PB on a table there is no problem. Thanks a lot!

    Now I can get back to thinking what an amazing product this is, all for 199 delivered to my house.
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    01-06-12 05:00 PM