07-13-12 01:50 PM
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  1. dbwoo's Avatar
    The biggest disappointment I had with this keyboard is that it didn't work with the games. Of the 50+ games I tried, only Monopoly worked.
    I wish that it had support to map the controls from the games to the keyboard keys or pad.
    I was hoping to connect the PB to my big screen TV and sit back on the couch to play using the KB.
    07-09-12 11:45 AM
  2. Sonic-NKT's Avatar

    I might return my OEM keyboard/case for the "eWonder Bluetooth Keyboard/Case".

    Overall, I am liking the OEM keyboard and case. I've always been a fan of the convertible case, so I don't mind the provided case with the keyboard. It is a bit heavy but it is still managable.

    My only issue is the layout of the keys, which are not standard compared to a typical keyboard. The eWonder looks a bit more standard. The layout of the OEM keyboard strains your wrist I find after long use, (but I am using a keyboard during the 9-5 and then after with the playbook).
    i own one of those, got it for arround 25 eur on ebay. it works quite well but it has one, or more like three big flaws. its missing ctrl, alt and the esc key. i could live well without the first two, csuse there is almost no app that utilize it on the bp yet. but the missing esc is very annoying as it is used as back key for android apps.
    the keyboard quality is awesome for the price, i just wished they had used a normal layout.
    thinking of replacing itwith the original, but its so expensive and hard to get.
    maybe someone knows of another alternative.
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    07-09-12 11:47 AM
  3. Taxman45's Avatar
    My mini keyboard arrived today. Though I'm still getting used to key placement and size (it really is a mini keyboard), the keyboard and trackpad combo allow me to do "real work" when I RDP into my virtual server.
    07-09-12 07:01 PM
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    I was disappointed with the mini keyboard. The elastic straps are pretty cheesy for a keyboard costing this amount and I also found the PB frame difficult to work with. Finally, while the track pad was welcomed, for me, nothing beats a mouse. So, I purchased the eWonder Bluetooth Keyboard/Case and am very impressed with its build and performance, especially for the price. For the mouse, I chose the Dell 5-Button BT Travel Mouse. Superb! So, for about $50+ for the pair I think I have a more user-friendly set-up. Love pulling it out of my backpack during a flight and setting it up on the tray in coach. It's been a while since I could do that even with a netbook!
    I have the same keyboard which comes with no track pad. How big a track pad do I need as I have the whole PB screen as the track pad?

    BBBlake...I find it difficult to charge the PB when the bookcase/Keyboard combo is in closed position. Instead I put the PB upside down so the charging usb jack is facing up. The only inconvenience is that the camera is covered. Other than that there is no drawback.
    The next version of the playbook should have the charging jack facing sideway. I think RIM should give some thought to it.
    I believe it takes less time for me to adjust to this keyboard than the official PB keyboard which has aligned their keys on straight line. That would have taken people longer time to adjust.

    Daniel T O
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    I am returning my keyboard. I don't like the placement for the keys as they are unnatural and I was looking for something of a more natural placement.

    But I wanted to provide this for anyone considering a purchase...

    The playbook official bluetooth keyboard and case is $83.99 at the source till August 1st.
    BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth Keyboard and Case | BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories | Ratings & Reviews | TheSource.ca

    * Have it shipped to your door for free with promo code TS499 (not sure if it will work for all)...

    Not sure how their stock levels are at, but if your considering one, then now is the time to act. I like the keyboard, but I don't see much need for it, as I rarely type in my case. So I'd rather just carry it sans keyboard. Might still pick up the eWonder...
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