1. Willard814's Avatar
    Is anyone using their PB with Microsoft Sync? I am currently using my Bold 9700 for a bluetooth music source in my wife's Ford Escape.
    12-22-11 03:56 PM
  2. wms3's Avatar
    You wont be able to until the PB supports Bluetooth audio. this will be in OS 2.0 in Feb.
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    12-22-11 06:21 PM
  3. spike12's Avatar
    Has anyone tested the new beta on it?
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    12-22-11 06:26 PM
  4. tekki's Avatar
    i have been able to play music from my playbook connected to the bluetooth dongle i put on my pc and listen through my house speakers. the bluetooth only reaches into the next room though so i cant walk through the whole house to control whats being played. i use this for listening to pandora. I use remotetunes to listen to my itunes playlists through the entire house but that i can control from my playbook on wifi.
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    12-22-11 08:25 PM