07-15-13 08:22 AM
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  1. mrbears's Avatar
    I am having trouble connecting playbook to my monitor via HDMI.

    I bought a micro HDMI to HDMI cable from ebay and tried it, and while it does show some blurry moving picture for some of the display mode settings, I can't get a clear picture.

    I am wondering if it is bad hdmi cable or my monitor. I already looked up the spec and it should be able to handle 1080p. Playbook shows 1920 x 1080p at 60 Hz as the prefered display mode (and TV manual concurs), but my TV says unsupported when connected. But at other scan rates, the blurry image I mentioned shows. But I went through all settings and can't find a scan rate and resolution that works.

    From my past experiences, HDMI cable is just HDMI cable regardless of price, even though Monster Cable tries tell people otherwise to sell their $100 cables. But I am out of ideas and perhaps it does matter for the first time? Has anyone had trouble because of cable? BTW, this is the listing for the cable I got.

    Premium HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable Male to Male Cell Phone HTC EVO Droid X hdmi | eBay
    04-22-12 04:58 PM
  2. saudadeii's Avatar
    Well, all cables are *not* created equal. Cheap cables are more insulation than wire. Not saying Monster cables are worth the price (I wouldn't buy one). You might want to try a few things.

    Check your display settings on your monitor. See if it has an auto adjust feature. What kind it is (Make and Model?)

    Check your HDMI settings on the PB. Try changing the resolution and aspect ratios around a bit.

    Try connecting your PB to a different HD display.

    Try another cable.

    I do have some cheapie cables and my PB displays fine on my HDTV. I don't have an HDMI input on any of my monitors.
    04-22-12 05:22 PM
  3. sputneek's Avatar
    Sounds like a bad cable to me, or try wiggling the connector at both ends. Mine has got to be really well seated at the micro end. So far this is the one thing I find disappointing about my unit. They really could have done a better job with the connectors as I'm sure RIM already realizes since they've been replacing bad wall chargers with rapid chargers under warranty
    04-22-12 05:33 PM
  4. itwascasper's Avatar
    It really might be a bad cable. I've had that happen before and on another occasion the color was off. Wayyyyy of. After that I stopped buying the cheapest cables I could find.
    04-22-12 05:42 PM
  5. tinker2000's Avatar
    bought cheapie off ebay, connected to tv but no picture. bought better one and no issues at all. Cable may be a few strands of copper and shouldnt make a difference but it really does
    04-22-12 05:57 PM
  6. coolaide's Avatar
    Never heard of a digital cable giving blurry picture. Normally since its digital is either works or it doesn't. But I guess if its having trouble with the hand shake then that could cause the problem.
    04-22-12 10:42 PM
  7. The White Wolf's Avatar
    Unfortunately cables do matter, and so does the price. If you think a 100 dollars is alot , have a look at best buy's site. They have HDMI cables that cost well over A $1000.00 . Now that is crazy. But in the review for the cables people say they are amazing. Better be for that price
    04-22-12 11:10 PM
  8. pansolo's Avatar
    BULLSHEEEET! Like the guy up there said, you either get signal or you don't. I've got a 10' cheap ebay cable and works beautifully. Your resolution depends on the quality of the download or your tv. And don't expect to get a perfect picture streaming from the desktop.
    04-22-12 11:16 PM
  9. eelect's Avatar
    My cable is a $15 one from amazon and works like a charm
    04-22-12 11:24 PM
  10. 1959gazza's Avatar
    Mine is a blackberry one from Amazon UK, works very well apart from it kills the internet signal when connected. Is it supposed to do that?
    04-23-12 01:51 AM
  11. miroozy's Avatar
    bad cable..i have had this problem but with the xbox..and changed the cable and it worked flawlessly
    04-23-12 03:31 AM
  12. SteveCoops's Avatar
    I bought one for a couple quid of eBay and the picture's perfect. It's digital so it'll work or it won't. Most likely your TV isn't capable of doing HD properly (not even HD ready?). Try another screen.
    04-23-12 03:36 AM
  13. mrbears's Avatar
    Just to update on this problem...

    I bought more expensive micro HDMI cable from Best Buy, and the same result.

    So cable must not be the problem. It must be
    1) I got a defective playbook
    2) My monitor does not do what the spec claims

    I guess I can try to eliminate number 2 if I am able to hook up playbook with other TV, but I don't have access another monitor/TV with HDMI port.

    I did read that some people had playbook with similar problem I had and had to send it back and worked when it came back.

    Third solution is just to give up and live with the fact.
    04-23-12 04:00 PM
  14. SteveCoops's Avatar
    Do you have the make and model of your TV? Can you get hold of an HDMI-DVI converter and plug it into a monitor?
    04-23-12 05:52 PM
  15. stevedee's Avatar
    Try a few things...
    Try another port on tv/monitor.
    See if settings on tv can be downgraded, ie color depth, or disable HDCP,
    Take PB and cable to any store that sells tv's, try hooking up to them - tell salesperson you are looking for a new tv, but needs to be compatible
    Use a verified source, like the PB demo video
    04-23-12 07:43 PM
  16. the_other_island's Avatar
    I bought a HDMI cable from Amazon for under $5 which works fine - used on Samsung TV, projector at community hall and son's bedroom tv. I have to adjust HDMI options on Playbook and tv but am very pleased. My daughter is using Scrapbook app for 4H digital demo and it makes a good presentation.
    04-23-12 09:02 PM
  17. Alex Ih's Avatar
    I believe it's an issue with the cable version. There are some points in which HDMI cables differ (see list: Difference in HDMI Cables ) and these criteria do also apply to Micro HDMI Cables as far as I know
    07-10-13 05:35 PM
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    What do you guys recommend? Brand?

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    07-10-13 08:30 PM
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    What do you guys recommend? Brand?

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    07-10-13 08:58 PM
  22. quackquack147's Avatar
    I believe it's an issue with the cable version. There are some points in which HDMI cables differ (see list: Difference in HDMI Cables ) and these criteria do also apply to Micro HDMI Cables as far as I know
    bad copper can lead to heap load of static or noise. is the plating gold? get a new cable those cheap knock offs are mostly main reason for the issue. try to get the gold plated ones. i know they are bit pricey. but worth the money.
    and one more thing. a friend of mine was playing 25 fps video when the system was meant for 30 fps (frames per second) this can cause jumpy, noisy (audio and video) and loads of jitter. try to re-edit the video else frame jump can cause buffer jitter or jitter buffer, whichever way you read. your omap is designed to play @ 30 fps and most modern hidefinition TV play @ 30 fps. so try to avoid jumpy videos by converting 25 fps to 30 fps. imho omap4430 doesnt do auto transcoding from 25 fps to 30 fps. but again YMMV. let us know your results.
    hope this helps!
    07-11-13 12:14 PM
  23. chaosdivine's Avatar

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    Monoprice with Redmere technology (thin cables) work fine. These are high quality cables and are thin too. They work wonderfully and they're priced VERY well. They offer full-size, mini and the micro cables we require for the PlayBook (NOT MINI BUT MICRO - they sell both). They ship fast and will refund you if you get a crappy one by some fluke. Monoprice doesn't screw around...this is a no brainer. A 6ft one is $13.91 plus shipping of about $3-4 (they ship fast too), they're not cheap $5 specials but they are inexpensive for the quality. They do offer cheaper ones too that will work fine, but these are their high end ones and I can tell you from experience, they work perfectly. They also offer a lot of different lengths...6ft, 10ft and 15ft.
    HDMI Cable, Home Theater Accessories, HDMI Products, Cables, Adapters, Video/Audio Switch, Networking, USB, Firewire, Printer Toner, and more!

    Here are all their Micro-HDMI cables to chose from: https://forums.crackberry.com/e?link...token=SmiXa9_p As I mentioned earlier their cheap ones are still good quality. But they aren't as thin, flexible and light (easy to pack up) like the Redmere ones.
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    It was not smart enough to include any information!
    Invisible text.

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  25. castoridae's Avatar
    I've got the Blackberry HDMI cable. One end for the playbook, other into the TV and beautiful everything.
    07-12-13 05:06 PM
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