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    I noted the other day upon doing video chat that my mic was not working. I had just dropped the playbook, (mind you it's in a case but still) Now if I slightly apply pressure on both opposite sides of the playbook, it comes right back, so I suppose it is a hardware issue.

    What do you guys suggest? Sending it back to RIM for repair? How much does that cost? And how long can I expect this to take?

    Also, my wife has a broken screen on hers. What is the best course of action short of buying a new one?

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    05-24-12 07:56 AM
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    Call RIM they will let you know what the approx cost of the repair is and then you can decide. With current prices so low it MIGHT make sense to just replace them and maybe even to wait for the newer models, and live with the one with the mic problem.
    05-26-12 07:23 PM
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    Well I ended up calling them, was on the phone for just about 15 minutes. The guy on the other end was really nice and polite, asked me a few question, and ended up saying that they would send me an empty box by fedex, and that I would return the PB this way. By taking a look at it, they could determine if the problem was still under warranty or not.

    I received the box on the wednesday, and shipped the Playbook on the Thursday at around 3:30pm. I am in Ottawa, so to get where their repair facility is in Texas only took less than 9 hours since I got the delivery notice at around that time on Friday.

    The next Tuesday, I had a box waiting for me at the post office, and it contained a brand new PB. It took them around 1 business day to take care of everything, excluding transit time, which was quick anyhow.

    I must say I am impressed with their support, and for the the bad press they are getting, I thought I would share this with you. I took it a step further in recording a little review which I posted on youtube: for those that may have an interest, and yes, I have a parrot at home, which would not let me do the review properly quietly.


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    06-28-12 08:34 AM
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    Liked the bloopers.
    06-28-12 03:55 PM
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    I'd throw in its TENNESSEE, not texas for the location of the repair facility. A friend has had her parrot for more than 30 years! They are a commitment.
    06-28-12 05:39 PM