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    Weird bug: The Messages app thinks its offline even though there's an active wifi connection. Whenever I open the app it complains that there is no wifi connection, and the accounts tab in the PB's Settings menu refuses to allow me to edit any account profile info (says it's "not connected"). However, if I drag down to refresh the folders withinnthe Messages app it seems to connect just fine. Also, if I reboot it goes away, however, I will eventually run into the bug again after using the PB for a while.

    Anyone seen anything similar with their PBs?


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    I have this problem every time I switch wifi networks. Needs a reboot to get going again....annoying.
    07-31-12 09:23 PM
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    I experienced the same issue, however I didn't switch networks or even turn off my actual network here in my home. But like the previous post said, reboot and hello network.
    07-31-12 09:56 PM
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    Have you tried just turning the wifi off and back on reselecting the network?

    After I posted the above I went to messages and found the same ptoblem OP reported. After fiddling around I lost all content and when I went to Accounts under the gear it was just showing the blue whirl. After that there was nothing to do but restart. Everything came back.
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