1. rttstr's Avatar
    I have an ActiveSync Account connected to Microsoft Exchange Server on my Playbook (
    In most cases, a received message I file into a folder on my Desktop is not filed on the Playbook
    but remain in the Inbox. ( The respectice folder(s) on the Playbook is chosen to synchronize).
    The message(s) are filed correctly on my 9900.
    I noticed, that if I delete the unfiled message from the Playbook inbox it is NOT deleted from the Desktop and 9900.
    Any help appreciated.
    03-05-13 06:51 AM
  2. Stephen_TX's Avatar
    I had a similar problem after the .1526 update. My sent messages appeared on both Desktop and 9900, but not in PlayBook, even if originated there. Deleting the ActiveSync account, and then adding it back fixed the problem.
    03-05-13 08:29 AM
  3. rttstr's Avatar
    Thank you for the info. I did delete the account but the problem continues.
    03-05-13 11:52 PM
  4. Stephen_TX's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that. I should have added that I also deleted the two POP3 accounts I had. After the update, when I deleted the Exchange account (Edit/Trash), one of the POP accounts was actually deleted. When I re-installed the Exchange and two POP's, all was fine. I don't know if you have other accounts, but if so, you might try that too.
    03-06-13 07:39 AM

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