1. Motherboard2010's Avatar
    I have some high res fully annotated maps of the Israel that have satellite images and are about 10MB in size. When I view them on the PC (via USB), the images zoom in to 100% and everything is pin sharp. When I try to do that on the PlayBook it won't fully zoom in.

    Using pinch zoom, it seems to have a maximum zoom ratio of about 2x. The image is 7266x5000. The resolution of the PlayBook is 1024x600 which works out at about 7x zoom to get 1:1. This was out of reach for the PlayBook.

    Playing around, I divided my original image into 8 segments and I was able to achieve 1:1 magnification without loss to about 1800x1350. It is possible I could squeeze more, but that confirmed my estimate of about 2x zoom without loss.

    That's one disappointment with an otherwise excellent PlayBook.
    06-15-12 09:44 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Interesting limitation that I was not aware of.
    06-16-12 12:17 AM