1. Mr.G's Avatar
    I didnt see info in a search. Please link if i missed it. I am ust wondering what the max amount of bluetooth connection the play book can have running at once..
    06-28-12 06:44 PM
  2. svelt's Avatar
    I have three BT connections running at most times when I use the device - Bridge, PB mini keyboard and BT mouse, and sometimes I have WiFi on as well. The BT connections do occasionally crap out from time to time, and it gets harder for them to connect the more items I add on, so I am thinking I am reaching the "soft" limit of BT connections - that is it would probably be unwise to add a BT headset (I have no problems whatsoever with one BT connection, occasionally a few with 2 and maybe one dropped connection/hour with 3). I'm pretty sure the hard limit is pretty high, but it seems like 3 BT connections is all the PlayBook can realistically handle without them dropping left right and centre.
    07-05-12 02:21 PM