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    i don't get it. What's all the negativity about? My wife bought me my PB for xmas, soon as we started it up and started using it, i had to go get her one... People have said to me, why didn't you get an ipad? i like the BB platform, been a user for 3 years, primarily for business.
    The vast majority of the loss of market share is due to hype, and "cachet." Apple makes an excellent tablet, but most people buy them because their friend did, or they respond to the advertising. Apple has created that, and more power to them. RIM had the business market, and did not see the consumer train coming. Our company bought several iphones, but the users are disappointed in them. They did not do research to determine what device served the need, they bought the latest greatest. Now people say RIM is "finished. " I try to follow the company news and progress, and i am cautiously optimistic. I purchased a few shares last week when i figured they bottomed, and now new updates coming.
    i believe RIM's biggest failure was to not market to the consumer as Apple has triumphed. i also use the analogy of automobiles... i am a Honda owner, some people prefer Toyota. isn't there room for more than one platform?
    i also believe a substantial number of buyers have no idea what they want or need. How many people realize the ipad requires a separate data account? (i just read in another post that the vast majority of ipads are wifi only??- shoots down that argument.) An acquaintance gave his two kid a PB each for xmas. i would speculate the kids are not happy. The PB is not a toy.
    the whole "app" thing really really boils my blood. The average consumer has ml idea about flash, and that the ipad cannot run the web as other computers or tablets. You HAVE to have 500,000 apps to be able to function without Flash. How many different versions of PacMan does one need? (i'm not a gamer..)
    i've had my PB for a little over a month, and i can't put it down. i'm anxious for ver 2, but it doesn't keep me up at night. i'm having more trouble deciding on a new phone with BB7, or hang on for BB10....... (contracts, hugs, etc.)
    come on RIM, spend some of your money on a kick- marketing plan, let's Rock-n-roll this thing!!!
    01-31-12 08:45 PM
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    In two years time, if RIM does not just bail on the tablet market, they will have a relatively small but sustainable market share that will probably be comparable to any surviving Android tablet manufacturer. Will it be as large as the current cumulative Android market share? No, it will not but that is hardly a fair comparison since there are dozens of Android tablet makers. FWIW, I doubt the Android market share will be very stunning either in a couple years in any case. In the end the big players are probably going to be Apple and Microsoft. If that works out to be the case, a conservative strategy on RIM's part would keep them respectably in the game, after most of the android garbage falls away. Actually, there is a bunch of stuff that is conceptually similar between Windows 8 and the Playbook OS, which demonstrates which approach Microsoft thinks is the most viable moving forward....
    01-31-12 09:10 PM
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    Here were my reasons for buying a Playbook:
    1] I had an accident at the end of November which as made it difficult to use my desktop computer
    2] I have a laptop which I find a bit unwieldy to hold with only one functional arm
    3] I was curious about tablet computing
    4] A very good friend has an iPad and has expressed disappointment in it, saying he felt it was too expensive for the limited benefit he has experienced
    5] Playbook 16gB was available for $200
    6] I like to buy Canadian when I can

    I would never dare to suggest that I am an expert with hardware, but I do have some IT experience, and still do a little web design, hosting, and IT consulting. My own take on the Playbook is that it's a handy little gizmo, excellent for bombing around the Web in the good old La-Z-Boy, and entertaining to experiment with.

    The line of reasoning that culminated in buying the Playbook made sense to me, and I am satisfied with the product and the price I paid.
    01-31-12 09:11 PM
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    RIM's market share could change quickly if people like it and reviews are really positive

    The pb is really great, it needs more cool useful integrated functions for consumers and business.
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    01-31-12 09:31 PM