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    I'm seeing a sever lack of threads about the playbook maps. I'm yet to see anything close to (I' know, I know) the iOS maps. Every single map website and app I've tried have all been terrible

    Is it so hard to get a few tiled images to pinch and zoom?

    The other thing that is annoying me is the gps. As soon as I go indoors I loose it and it doesn't even use wifi to help the location. Again the iOS maps do this perfectly.

    [Rant over, sorry.]

    PS. I do love my playbook!
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    Someone will have to explain how iOS maps work? IP addressing? Or is it a 3g model which can use cell tower locations?

    A gps (the basic unit and not all of the elaborate add-ons, like maps and point-of-interest and routing) unit detects what is a rather weak radio signal from way up there (g) and so a roof or building walls may block it - this includes my hiking garmin and my tomtom driving unit (those latter two work in the upstairs of my home but not downstairs). They don't rely on celltowers or ip addressing - they need real signals.
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    Looks like for tablets, all metal casing = useless gps

    ASUS Transformer Prime teardown details GPS issue | Android Community
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    There are some threads here someplace about maps and the GPS. Some users are convinced the GPS does not work right on the Playbook. I think it does work, and that the problem is lack of adequate software. There are much better map apps for Android and iOS, that's for sure. I was hoping I could use the Playbook as an alternative to my car's GPS but, with present software, no hope of that.
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    If you think the BB GPS is bad, just take a look at the ASUS Transformer Prime forums - because the back is partially metal, ASUS Prime specs no longer mention the GPS ability.

    The chip in the PB includes FM TX/RX and the GPS capability.

    Even my TomTom does not work well when near building, trees etc

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    Try the Magellan app there is a one week trial. I used it today and it worked perfect I will definately purchase it.

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    navionics promised a bb app 2 years ago. never delivered. i posted such a comment on their facebook page after someone complained about waiting two weeks for an ios or android update. it got no response.
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    One word : GEOrendr free. app. good.

    That's four words.
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