1. hudsmom's Avatar
    My feelings exactly. I have actually caused 2 other people to buy the PB. I love mine. I also have to say that the couple of times that I have had an issue, it was quickly and professionally resolved by customer support through Blackberry or AT&T. No whining in my house.
    10-28-11 11:55 PM
  2. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    This is a nice thread, and for the most part has stayed positive. Let's go ahead and keep it that way. If you want to debate all that the PlayBook can't do, find a different thread. No need for every single one to dissolve into arguments and p*ssing matches.

    Thread cleaned of the few who decided to try to bring you guys down. Carry on with the happy.

    PS, I love my PB too, perfect or not.
    10-28-11 11:57 PM
  3. blackjack93117's Avatar
    Why can't BlackBerry put the email on it what is the big hold up with email ?
    What is the big hold up with simply buying a bb phone or getting another tab if these things are so important?
    Or, using the web browser for accessing email?

    The big hold up is backwards compatibility and security.
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    10-28-11 11:58 PM
  4. miktro's Avatar
    Still Loving my Playbook..
    10-29-11 12:28 AM
  5. stevepar's Avatar
    Bought mine at 8:30 on April 19th and have loved it ever since! Just wish I knew how to put movies on it when Im on a Westjet jet somewhere
    10-29-11 12:45 AM
  6. mud314's Avatar
    i just bought mine and i use it everyday.

    its the last thing i use at night and the first thing i use in the morning.

    i usually sleep while watching tv shows on it and wake up checking the weather.

    and like many people say, because it is only 7 inches, i can take it everywhere
    You live in San Jose Cali, what do you check the weather for? It's always sunny!!! Our weather never changes. Sun, Sun and more sun...well until winter when we finally get to see our hills green again.
    10-29-11 01:38 AM
  7. bigwinnie's Avatar
    i havent regreted my pb purchase for an instant..it was my first ever BB purchase and i soon after got myself a curve 9300 3g,i loved the BB experience that much...my only concern is i got the 16gb but im not a big app downloader show should be asll good.
    10-29-11 05:03 AM
  8. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Why can't BlackBerry put the email on it what is the big hold up with email ?
    Because originally, it was designed to work with a companion BB phone, so that security remains at the top. Then, observing that most criticism where about standalone mail,contact and calendar, RIM tried - after-design - to implement this.
    But this is more difficult than they thought as each BB device has an ID that is the key security feature.
    So, embedding an email client is not difficult (OS 2.0 beta users may use an android app for that), but secure it accordingly of the worldwide unique (both BIS and BES) software that rules the use of BB data is more than a pain ... and will have side-effects that large organizations may have difficulties to deploy/accept.

    Still, there's webmail ...

    While I do have a 9900 BB phone, and am willing to stay in the topic mood and original theme :

    Yes, I also have a lot of affection to my Playbook. I try not to Love it too much, as my wife isn't glad when I browse in the bed (well, I should maybe demonstrate video capabilities then ... )
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    10-29-11 05:19 AM
  9. NursingNinja's Avatar
    Great to hear you like it. Playbook does have a lot of potential. I wish it catered to the needs of most of us, not only the BB+PB users.
    Here is a solution to that, go buy a blackberry phone too! Totally worth it. You may miss the one you got, just endure and absorb that loss and get used to a new phone!
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    10-29-11 09:52 AM
  10. taajir's Avatar
    enjoying it
    got a 32gb but its almost sold
    my friend hashed it
    so will be getting another soon
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    10-29-11 10:49 AM
  11. vlade31's Avatar
    I really like the bridge features I would like to see them improved though, I want the LED light notifications on pb!, I would also like to be able to read texts on my playbook.

    Also I want brickbreaker for the playbook.
    You basically want a phone with a 7 inch screen
    10-29-11 04:34 PM
  12. jafobabe's Avatar
    I have really enjoyed my PB... will gladly wait for the finished OS.2. Even caught myself trying to swipe down on the fridge door to open! hahaha
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    10-29-11 05:07 PM
  13. sir.dangerfield's Avatar
    its really nice to read someone besides me love their PlayBook. I think Bridge is an amazing feature. I never turn it off and I take my PB everywhere I go in convertable case that looks exactly like a low pro book. Too long of a story to tell, but The PB and the 9930 saved my but at work this week, big time.
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    10-29-11 05:54 PM
  14. goaliegirl33's Avatar
    I love mine. I bought mine in June, not for what it was supposed to do in the future, but for what it would do right then. I use it when I don't want to drag out my computer, and at work to check scores and news and all that stuff that I can't do with my work computer.

    Since I live in a small town in Alberta and we don't have much for FM radio, I sometimes leave it on my desk and use it to stream music. I have a lot of video loaded on it for long trips. And there is no longer a magazine rack in my bathroom thanks to Bejeweled 2.

    Glad I'm not the only one not ashamed to admit the PB goes with me everywhere, even to the crapper. LOL.
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    10-29-11 10:23 PM
  15. hudsmom's Avatar
    When reading this thread I am happy to see positive comments about the PB experiences. Isnt' it interesting that the poll asking whether or not one would recommend PB to someone else has a majority saying "No". Makes me wonder who is voting??????
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    10-29-11 10:31 PM
  16. goaliegirl33's Avatar
    I voted yes on that one. Most of my family bought Playbooks in the first months of release. My brother in law can't be separated from his. Of course, we all have Blackberries so it's an easy sell with friends and family for me.
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    10-29-11 10:36 PM
  17. blackjack93117's Avatar
    When reading this thread I am happy to see positive comments about the PB experiences. Isnt' it interesting that the poll asking whether or not one would recommend PB to someone else has a majority saying "No". Makes me wonder who is voting??????
    I couldn't understand that either - especially right alongside a poll where supposedly the same people rate it as above average and excellent for themselves.

    I think it's all about peer pressure and embarrassment and fear of ridicule. It takes a courageous soul to stand up for something that is not fully understood and appreciated by the majority of the world. Stand tall and proud.
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    10-30-11 02:44 AM
  18. blackjack93117's Avatar
    You basically want a phone with a 7 inch screen
    Exactly. And exactly what the BBphone/playbook combo provides. Plus more!!
    It's awesome.
    10-30-11 02:46 AM
  19. JeffyPooh's Avatar
    I like to listen to world music such as the Mark Coles Music world music shedcast. Because it's streamed as Flash audio, my iPhone refused to play it. Now I listen using the PlayBook, walking around the house wearing my huge headphones. It works pretty good, easier to use than a silly laptop.

    PlayBook also does YouTube very well.
    10-30-11 03:27 PM
  20. porkerchops's Avatar
    Love mine too, flash audio just a+, OS2 Dev adds so much, we all know that it wouldnt support all Android apps, but i got my BBC and UK news apps working from Android + the PB apps as well, twice as fast as my Archos, so it doesnt play Android games, big loss, I got a PC for that. Even on dev 2 wouldnt go back to 1.7 but thats another story...

    PB on OS2 and 9700, bridge has been working bloody briliant
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    10-30-11 04:36 PM
  21. ThorAsgard's Avatar
    Had mine a little over 2 weeks now.
    Love mine as well.
    It does all i need from a tablet and just the right size as well.
    10-30-11 05:08 PM
  22. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    I know this is a moot point, but after seeing how janky the pb [I]could[I] be (2.0), I am so happy with 1.0.7 PB rocks!!
    10-30-11 06:10 PM
  23. black hole's Avatar
    I'm glad there are so many positive responses to this....

    11-03-11 04:42 PM
  24. sk8er_tor's Avatar
    Agreed! I love my PB and use it daily for all my personal needs.
    11-03-11 10:08 PM
  25. PTZ's Avatar
    Thanks for a bright spot post about the PB. I see this little device like you do. It has been useful and fun. Sometimes this site will get me doubting the choice I made to purchase this thing. The constant debates and over analyzation of its characteristics can be overwhelming. I like what I like.
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    11-03-11 11:03 PM
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