1. Raspberry jam's Avatar
    Upgraded the software on my playbook today in hopes it would correct problem with software upgrade of late September. After the September upgrade new photos stopped appearing in the photo file. I thought I'd maxed out the storage so I madly deleted 30 or more photos but the new pics still were not there. Surprised though to find they are somewhere because when I decided to attach older photos to an email, I found all the new pictures.
    To recap: The playbook is storing the photos I take, but I can only access them through an email attachment. How do I get them into my photo files?
    10-28-12 10:33 AM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    They should still be in your Camera folder, it's just that RIM changed the naming protocol for pics taken with your PB so they may not be in the order that you're used to. They should still be there, though. The easiest way to find them, probably, is to install Ghost Commander (a file browser) from app world, then, in Ghost, navigate to your Camera folder (Playbook Media from the homescreen, then Camera), then, on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tap "by date", then tap "by date" again, and your newest pics should appear at the top of the list. One other thing to note also is that you can go into settings in Ghost and adjust the size of thumbnails, in case the thumbs seem too small for you.
    10-28-12 10:59 AM

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