07-23-12 06:18 PM
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    In general, if you get an error during routing, it is most likely caused by the Open Street Map data. Best to check the end points in OSM MapQuest editor (need to create an account) to inspect the roads. In the US, a fair amount of the data is not up to date or correct. Common issues include, one way roads when they are not one way, and roads that are not joined together (they overlap or appear to be close). It helps OSM and everyone if everyone inspects their area of the world for up to date roads and road information being correct (type, speed, connections, fidelity, etc.)
    Is it possible to choose the routing provider separately from the map provider?

    Ie use Google directions, but display OSM maps as they are played out.
    07-23-12 10:00 AM
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    I just downloaded Magellan Compass and really like the way the maps look and the way the features/options are presented, how they look... Really really good.

    Sitting here with the aluminum-soffiting above me, the GPS accuracy as shown on MC was +/- 500m, 1,500 ft. Not good. So, I closed MC, reinstslled What's Up, the Astronomy app, and used its GPS feature. It took 90 seconds to get a fix but when it did, it was within +/- 7m. Pretty good. This is with no other info entered, no wifi location info, no BT bridge... it is the device's own GPS sensor only and it worked pretty good. Then I restarted MC and in 15 seconds it picked up my location +/- 5 m.

    I remember reading somewhere that the What's Up app was really good at accessing the PB's internal GPS sensor, which maybe other programs aren't. Apparently the idea is that the What's Up app primes the system and then other programs can access it more easily. Sound fishy but it just worked here for me.

    BTW, I had deleted What's Up a ways back when I was doing some troubleshooting. Just reinstalled it at no charge. Pretty slick setup.
    07-23-12 06:18 PM
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